Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stupid People

I’ve come to a realization after yesterday, the worst day of my working life, the following rules:

  • Your co-worker is your co-worker not your friend.
  • It is not okay to talk to said co-worker about your family and their dynamics unless it’s actually her family; if it is yours it is considered wasting time and isn’t important no matter what the issues are.
  • it is not okay to speak in a loud voice while on the phone although you are unaware you are doing it but it’s okay for her to have a shouting match with her daughter and then hang up on her for the whole office to hear
  • It is expected that you listen to all her extracurricular activities explained in detail but your life is not important nor your activities so don’t bother talking about it.
  • Multitasking is only something she knows how to do you on the other hand can not talk and email at the same time therefore if you are on the phone on your break/lunch you aren’t doing any work therefore wasting time again.
  • it is okay to log into your home computer’s email and deal with personal emails, log onto MSN messenger and chat or email from your work email non work related stuff, only if you are co-worker but it’s not okay to be on the phone chatting about family related things that might pop up during the day because that is what should be discussed when you get home…..I see her point here but it’s not every situation is exactly cut and dry and can wait till I get home.

As you can see it was an enlightening day yesterday and I now realize not all rules apply to co-worker…because she’s fuck’n special don’t you know. I also realize I discuss my family too much with co-worker and the line between friend and co-worker has been blurred and not in a good way. It was a very bitter pill to swallow but I’m slowly getting over it and tomorrow is another day and I will keep my information to myself and just work and if she is drowning under piles and piles of paperwork and assignments not finished oh well! It will just show her she was calling the kettle black.

I think co-worker is jealous of the pretty good relationship I have with my family (which is not perfect of course but I’m happy with it); she on the other hand only gets 1 or 2 calls/emails from her family a month. I also think she is jealous because I have such a big family that there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t talk to someone from my family sometimes it is bothersome but I wouldn’t trade my family for anything.

And finally I have to realize that co-worker and I have a 20 year ago gap between us so we honestly don’t relate to each other at all.

Rant over….moving on…..thanks for listening

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