Saturday, October 24, 2009

Smokin Needle

Well my wish was granted from Friday. I was able to stitch through my migraine, it lingered all day but it stayed a dull ache.

Once I got home I worked on CCN dragonfly so I could finish it which I did this afternoon. Then I switched to CdC and was able to finish the centre circles that I have been wanting to finish for about a week. So now I have 1.5 pages left and then it's completed, even though the picture started out to be quite a hassle I am really enjoying it now and I'm looking forward to doing the other two designs that Ink Circle has come out with.

I have also included a WIP picture of Woodland Enchantress since I noticed I haven't posted a picture on it in quite awhile

Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh Give me a break

I will stitch through my migraine, I will stitch through my migraine!!!!!!!

I will let you know in a couple hours whether I'm successful LOL. Just when I tell myself I will finish one of my pictures tonight this happens, I was minding my own business at work looking at my computer screen when all of a sudden everything gets all blurry which of course I recognize as an aura that is warning sign for me that a migraine is coming THANK GOD I had 2 Tylenol in my purse and I'm still thanking my lucky stars that I'm not nauseous this time either.

hopefully I will write soon thanks for listening to just another bitch blog entry.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I can sure whine, don't you think.....I would like to apologies for my post yesterday LOL....I am 30 something years old you would figure I shouldn't feel the need to complain about my 'special time' anymore but alas I guess not.

Could I honestly say the back spasms was a direct result of the 'special time' most definitely, was this the first time I've had a back ache NO so I think I should have just taken the drugs and dealt with it but I was just feeling a little cranky yesterday and had to share with the world. Enough said.

In other related news I am making great progress on my various projects. So much so that I was thinking about taking CdC on the train to finish it faster since I'm so close to being finished but since it will be raining for the next couple days and since the threads I'm using (WDW) bleed so easily I ultimately decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to take it with me....I can just imagine how angry I would be if something happened and the picture was ruined. I think it's just getting to me that I'm not doing as much cross stitch in the evenings that I used to, what with chores, life tasks and getting into the holiday season I am definitely prioritizing myself differently.

Also, I didn't finish Dragonfly on Sunday for some reason I just couldn't get into it so I'm hoping this weekend will be better. I also switched from Woodland Enchantress to Christmas Quaker on Tuesday, I had a really good run on Enchantress and I'm very happy with what I got accomplished but it was time to switch it up and in trying to get into the holiday spirit I decided to bring out a Christmas design and since I fixed the problem with the yellow thread this project is going great so far.

Thanks for listening, I will try and upload my latest WIP pictures this weekend, but since I'm taking the BFF out for lunch and visiting with the godson I don't know if that will fit into my plans but we will see.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just Great!!!!

I seriously hate being a woman sometimes, I won’t go into details…there are certain things that I think are TMI (too much information) that don’t need to be shared. My bitch today is what happens with the rest of my body during my ‘special time’ as if cramps and nausea wasn’t bad enough.

Any normal day sitting awkwardly on the train wouldn’t really do anything to me but give me a twinge that would go away once I got up and started walking around, but oh no I am actually having spasms in my lower back because of sitting strangely on the train, I also was having pains in my chest where my underwear bra was sitting awkwardly on me, as well because of the position I was forced to sit in on the train. It is raining today so everyone is wearing rain jackets and there isn’t much wiggle room to have my arms out while doing cross stitch so they were basically folded over my chest and pushed my bra out of alignment. Now back pains aren’t uncommon with my ‘special time’ but this one is really taking the cake……. sitting down is becoming very uncomfortable and I still have ½ the day of work still to get through plus my commute home which will require more sitting, at least at home I can put a pillow behind my back and try and live through it.

Edited to add after 3 excruciating hours I think my back has calmed down enough where I can tolerate it until I get home and medicate myself….maybe it was the Advil I took earlier.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Progress for me

Well I am not feeling completely better yet from my cold but I definitely can see the light at the end of the tunnel..

I was also able to stitch while sick, usually it’s not a good idea for me to do this but I went very carefully and slowly and nothing earth shattering happened to my projects in the frog department, I actually got a lot done.

I replaced all the screwed up stitching on Dragonfly and finished the inner border as well, if I’m optimistic I think I can finish this pattern on Sunday.

I worked on Woodland Enchantress, I was jumping from color to color to try and get a groove going and decided the various thickness of ½ stitches is what was bothering me so I decided to stitch on the Enchantress herself and then do the background later.

And finally I also worked on CdC, I was hoping to be finished one of the larger motifs by now but I found a mistake which slowed me down but I still have tonight and the weekend so hopefully it can still me done.

I’m so glad I found a working schedule for my three pictures and I’m going to keep going as is until such time that this schedule becomes a bother.

Thanks for listening, hopefully on Sunday I can post some WIP pictures of all three designs.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gosh Darn It

Well today is not a good day for me I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose.....GREAT just what I like having a cold right before a long weekend I'm going to probably be too sick to enjoy the holiday.....then of course I was woken up a 2 am by my dog crapping on the floor, now I understand with a loose tummy you really don't have control of yourself but I really wish she had woken me up so I could have gotten her outside in time. So now when I get home from work I will be scrubbing the residual of the mess off my carpet and trying not to gag again as I do it.

And the cherry on top of this all is I found a mistake on CCN dragonfly border last night and I have to tear out about 1.5 days worth of work, now normally I would just make this work but since I'm doing all 4 of these patterns on one piece of fabric this mistake will misalign the dragonfly beside ladybug and then the bumble bee and butterfly below them won't line up either so I have to tear it out. Good thing I have more than one skein of blooming crocus thread and that the other pattern I need the skein for is small so I'm pretty confidence I won't run out (knock on wood), even if I do it's a fairly inexpensive thread so I don't mind having to buy another skein. So hopefully on Sunday I can replace all of the stitching I had to tear out and actually get this picture done.

I'm still hopefully this cold will stay at bay so I can have a semi productive and enjoyable weekend.

Thanks for listening

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Very productive weekend

Well I had a very productive weekend more productive then most weekend but then on Sunday I crashed and burned and spent Sunday & Monday fixing my mistake.

So I worked diligently on CCN garden party – dragonfly on Friday since I couldn’t work on it on Thurs and now I’m about 15 stitches away from finishing the border which I hope to finish next Sunday (I only work on it on Sundays now) and then the mini border inside the big border should take me no time at all.

Then I worked on CdC I wanted to finish page 5 so I popped in my Anne of Green Gables videos and in 2 hours page 5 was finished and now I’m working on page 2. There are two rather large motifs that carry over to both pages that I’m now working on now, after the two motifs there isn’t much left on page 2 so I think I can see myself finishing page 2 by the middle of next week

Then I took a break from stitching late Saturday and went through my other weekend tasks and finished a couple. So banking, paying bills, pet food shopping, changing bedding, laundry, shredding large mound of paper, doing dishes, collecting recycling around house, organizing various messy piles around house that I have left for the weekend, computer tasks, etc. were completed and it felt good.

Then I decided to work on Woodland Enchantress, it is a Dimension kit that I got from my parents for my birthday a few years back. I find it hard to work on this picture because the threads are so cumbersome they are really long strands and some are used in blends, ½ stitches or full throughout the pattern so it’s hard to get into a groove. I thought this picture would be the ideal one to put a grid on so a few weeks ago I did just that and it only took about 2 hours……….so on Sunday I started stitching on this project and it didn’t take long before everything went horribly wrong.. I decided to work on an empty section of the pattern meaning a place where there were no connecting stitching I wanted to have a fresh start on this picture.….BIG mistake. I was really nervous about stitching in open space because I couldn’t really tell if things were lined up properly even with a grid. I wasn’t comfortable doing this so after about an hour I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and switched back to the side I had worked on before, I had only put in one maybe two lines of stitching when I realized that my grid didn’t match the pattern lines from the paper pattern, there should have been 2 rows then the block of 10 stitches which make up our usual grid lines (if you know what I mean), I had forgotten to put in the 2 rows. So the hour worth of work I just completed was for nothing along with the time I spent gridding which now had to be removed. So instead of stitching I spent the rest of Sunday ripping out the threads ……big lesson learned that’s for sure. I really have got to stop rushing into my projects simply because I’m excited to work on them because that’s when errors occur.

I now have everything organized again and even spent some time yesterday reorganizing the threads so they are now more workable. I’m hoping to work on Enchantress as my train picture for the next month or two or even till the end of the year.

Thanks for listening.