Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gosh Darn It

Well today is not a good day for me I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose.....GREAT just what I like having a cold right before a long weekend I'm going to probably be too sick to enjoy the holiday.....then of course I was woken up a 2 am by my dog crapping on the floor, now I understand with a loose tummy you really don't have control of yourself but I really wish she had woken me up so I could have gotten her outside in time. So now when I get home from work I will be scrubbing the residual of the mess off my carpet and trying not to gag again as I do it.

And the cherry on top of this all is I found a mistake on CCN dragonfly border last night and I have to tear out about 1.5 days worth of work, now normally I would just make this work but since I'm doing all 4 of these patterns on one piece of fabric this mistake will misalign the dragonfly beside ladybug and then the bumble bee and butterfly below them won't line up either so I have to tear it out. Good thing I have more than one skein of blooming crocus thread and that the other pattern I need the skein for is small so I'm pretty confidence I won't run out (knock on wood), even if I do it's a fairly inexpensive thread so I don't mind having to buy another skein. So hopefully on Sunday I can replace all of the stitching I had to tear out and actually get this picture done.

I'm still hopefully this cold will stay at bay so I can have a semi productive and enjoyable weekend.

Thanks for listening

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