Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just Great!!!!

I seriously hate being a woman sometimes, I won’t go into details…there are certain things that I think are TMI (too much information) that don’t need to be shared. My bitch today is what happens with the rest of my body during my ‘special time’ as if cramps and nausea wasn’t bad enough.

Any normal day sitting awkwardly on the train wouldn’t really do anything to me but give me a twinge that would go away once I got up and started walking around, but oh no I am actually having spasms in my lower back because of sitting strangely on the train, I also was having pains in my chest where my underwear bra was sitting awkwardly on me, as well because of the position I was forced to sit in on the train. It is raining today so everyone is wearing rain jackets and there isn’t much wiggle room to have my arms out while doing cross stitch so they were basically folded over my chest and pushed my bra out of alignment. Now back pains aren’t uncommon with my ‘special time’ but this one is really taking the cake……. sitting down is becoming very uncomfortable and I still have ½ the day of work still to get through plus my commute home which will require more sitting, at least at home I can put a pillow behind my back and try and live through it.

Edited to add after 3 excruciating hours I think my back has calmed down enough where I can tolerate it until I get home and medicate myself….maybe it was the Advil I took earlier.

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