Thursday, October 22, 2009


I can sure whine, don't you think.....I would like to apologies for my post yesterday LOL....I am 30 something years old you would figure I shouldn't feel the need to complain about my 'special time' anymore but alas I guess not.

Could I honestly say the back spasms was a direct result of the 'special time' most definitely, was this the first time I've had a back ache NO so I think I should have just taken the drugs and dealt with it but I was just feeling a little cranky yesterday and had to share with the world. Enough said.

In other related news I am making great progress on my various projects. So much so that I was thinking about taking CdC on the train to finish it faster since I'm so close to being finished but since it will be raining for the next couple days and since the threads I'm using (WDW) bleed so easily I ultimately decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to take it with me....I can just imagine how angry I would be if something happened and the picture was ruined. I think it's just getting to me that I'm not doing as much cross stitch in the evenings that I used to, what with chores, life tasks and getting into the holiday season I am definitely prioritizing myself differently.

Also, I didn't finish Dragonfly on Sunday for some reason I just couldn't get into it so I'm hoping this weekend will be better. I also switched from Woodland Enchantress to Christmas Quaker on Tuesday, I had a really good run on Enchantress and I'm very happy with what I got accomplished but it was time to switch it up and in trying to get into the holiday spirit I decided to bring out a Christmas design and since I fixed the problem with the yellow thread this project is going great so far.

Thanks for listening, I will try and upload my latest WIP pictures this weekend, but since I'm taking the BFF out for lunch and visiting with the godson I don't know if that will fit into my plans but we will see.

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