Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Everything is Back to Normal

Pookie.......ah my precious little dog is perfectly fine now and we didn't have to put her down. Thank God.

She started feeling better as soon as we made the vet appointment and started eating everything in sight. She still was kind of lethargic and swaying when she walked because of no food but that eventually went away. The vet wasn't overly concerned once she got a look at Pookie and got an understanding of what had happened, I did feel a bit like an idiot for panicking so quickly but I'd rather be a pessimist and be proven wrong then an optimist and be devastated.

The vet did give us quite a few ideas to get pookie to eat if she's having a bad day and hopefully they work because pookie did lose some weight and so now we are going to try and get the weight back on her.

The vet did stress at the end of the appointment that pookie is on borrowed time and she herself is surprised pookie has lasted this long so even though pookie is well her death will happen soon whether I like it or not, I just hope that when the time comes it is on pookie's terms (in her sleep) and not while really sick and in pain.

I would like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts about this situation it was greatly appreciated.

On a different note I have been doing great on my vacation projects. I finished both GP Bumble bee and CdC, I'm still working on other projects to finished by the end of the week so I will wait to post picture till then.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My own Frustration & Fear

For whatever reason I just can’t seem to get into my cross stitch. As anyone who reads my blog knows I am very close to finishing CdC but for some reason I just can’t seem to find the time to sit down and finish it. I either have too many other tasks to complete, too tired after work or wind up playing a computer game, reading blogs etc. I think it also doesn’t help that my dog has been really sick this past week and I’m on pins and needles too see what the vet has to say about it, I’m praying to God and anyone else who will listen that I don’t have to make the decision to put her down, call me selfish but I’m not ready to lose her yet so I’m hoping she was just having a bad week and worked the sickness out herself and perhaps the vet has some ideas and techniques we can try to keep her moderately health.

I actually stepped away from the computer last night and spend the whole night with her while she slept. I stitched beside her and cuddled with her when she let me and maybe because of all the happy vibes I was sending her she started to eat and was quite perky by the time it was bed time, such a good sign.

Well I’m on vacation next week and I’m hoping I will have some finishes to post, if all goes as planned I think I could finish 4 pictures next week all of which are very close to being finished I just need the time to sit down and do them.

Thanks for listening.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

HAED Christmas design

Have I shown you my work in progress on Twelve Days of Christmas by Dona Gelsinger through HAED?

This is a design I’m sporadically working on and decide to use a fabric pen to put on grid lines, it is a 30+ page design so I definitely thought it needed it. My plan is to do every stitch (no pun intended) of the bright orange and other orange family colors around the sides, top & bottom before doing the confetti work in the centre.

This is what it looked like as of last week I was a little panicked about how well I could see the blue lines behind the orange just in case it wouldn’t wash out but I took my trusty spray bottle and dripped a little water on the squares I had completed and it did wonders, there is still a bit of residue but I figure once I completely submerge the fabric it will all disappear.

I was able to stitch on it again last night and finish the top row of one of the oranges, now I will go back over that same section with the second orange and fill in the blanks and then tackle the same two oranges down the side of the first page. Last night I wanted to try another color so I also added in some creamy orange stitches in the centre (but still on the left side of the entire design).

I am still quite surprised that I purchased this pattern I'm usually not a fan of overly busy designs but for some reason this pattern called to me and I had to have it.

Well tonight I will get back to CdC, I even might work on it on Sunday instead of GP Bumblebee depending on how much I get done in the next 2 ½ days. I have not worked on CdC for 3 days so I’m ready to get back to it. I’m just itching to work on Christmas designs but won’t let myself do this until Garden Party and CdC are finished.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Trying something new.

I have turned my mother to the dark side HAHA. My mother has been cross stitching for 30 – 35 years and has always made the designs she does with the one and only purpose of framing and hanging said designs on our walls and has never thought of any other ideas for her designs where I on the other hand am up to trying different types of finished in theory since I haven’t done any finished yet, but I’ve purchased all the supplies to do some pin keeps and flat folds in the future.

My mom has decided that she really would like to make monogram little satchels for some family members possibly for Christmas, she has stitched up all the letters and has gotten some really nice background fabric now all she needs to do is a practice run in making the satchels before working on the real things. I suggested she do a practice run since she has a vision in her head but no real instructions to follow and I know she would be really pissed off if she screwed one of them up after all the hard work she has put in. So hopefully everything turns out okay.

So a question to my fellow bloggers when you started making pin keeps, flat folds, satchels etc. did you have instructions to follow or did you just wing it? I know there are a lot of online instructions now but how long have they been available maybe 2 – 4 years, what did everyone do before then?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall has arrived

Yes, Fall has arrived to my neck of the woods the wind and rain was so bad a couple nights ago we lost power for 4 hours. I was having a really hard time crossing the street to my home because no one could see me and it was just pouring rain and the only light I had was from my blackberry phone, but finally a very nice stranger slowly drove their car through the intersection keeping pace with me so I could cross without worry of being hit. But the funny thing about that night is I was finally able to use my clip on light and was able to finish a couple circles on CdC which I was very happy about.

Now on to posting picture. Here is CdC. I now have one page left on CdC so perhaps during Remembrance Day I can finish it off and concentrate solely on Garden Party - Bumble bee and Butterfly and then after that it's Christmas designs till the end of the year...... my favorite kind of designs.

Cirque des Cercles by Ink Circle

using WDW trick or treat threads

Since the below Quaker picture was taken I have put the picture away....it wasn't calling to me anymore so I started working on Mill Hill Nutcracker which I'm almost finished but I think I'll wait until I'm on vacation in 2 weeks so I can continue the stitching and finish the beads all at the same time.

A Quaker Christmas by Bygone Stitches

using DMC variation threads 4210, 4045 and 4077

.....footnote apparently blogger doesn't like me adding my pictures and putting comments under them in the centre of the page, hmmmm so I've had to edit this post quite a bit which isn't making me very happy.

Thanks for listening