Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall has arrived

Yes, Fall has arrived to my neck of the woods the wind and rain was so bad a couple nights ago we lost power for 4 hours. I was having a really hard time crossing the street to my home because no one could see me and it was just pouring rain and the only light I had was from my blackberry phone, but finally a very nice stranger slowly drove their car through the intersection keeping pace with me so I could cross without worry of being hit. But the funny thing about that night is I was finally able to use my clip on light and was able to finish a couple circles on CdC which I was very happy about.

Now on to posting picture. Here is CdC. I now have one page left on CdC so perhaps during Remembrance Day I can finish it off and concentrate solely on Garden Party - Bumble bee and Butterfly and then after that it's Christmas designs till the end of the year...... my favorite kind of designs.

Cirque des Cercles by Ink Circle

using WDW trick or treat threads

Since the below Quaker picture was taken I have put the picture wasn't calling to me anymore so I started working on Mill Hill Nutcracker which I'm almost finished but I think I'll wait until I'm on vacation in 2 weeks so I can continue the stitching and finish the beads all at the same time.

A Quaker Christmas by Bygone Stitches

using DMC variation threads 4210, 4045 and 4077

.....footnote apparently blogger doesn't like me adding my pictures and putting comments under them in the centre of the page, hmmmm so I've had to edit this post quite a bit which isn't making me very happy.

Thanks for listening

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