Thursday, November 12, 2009

HAED Christmas design

Have I shown you my work in progress on Twelve Days of Christmas by Dona Gelsinger through HAED?

This is a design I’m sporadically working on and decide to use a fabric pen to put on grid lines, it is a 30+ page design so I definitely thought it needed it. My plan is to do every stitch (no pun intended) of the bright orange and other orange family colors around the sides, top & bottom before doing the confetti work in the centre.

This is what it looked like as of last week I was a little panicked about how well I could see the blue lines behind the orange just in case it wouldn’t wash out but I took my trusty spray bottle and dripped a little water on the squares I had completed and it did wonders, there is still a bit of residue but I figure once I completely submerge the fabric it will all disappear.

I was able to stitch on it again last night and finish the top row of one of the oranges, now I will go back over that same section with the second orange and fill in the blanks and then tackle the same two oranges down the side of the first page. Last night I wanted to try another color so I also added in some creamy orange stitches in the centre (but still on the left side of the entire design).

I am still quite surprised that I purchased this pattern I'm usually not a fan of overly busy designs but for some reason this pattern called to me and I had to have it.

Well tonight I will get back to CdC, I even might work on it on Sunday instead of GP Bumblebee depending on how much I get done in the next 2 ½ days. I have not worked on CdC for 3 days so I’m ready to get back to it. I’m just itching to work on Christmas designs but won’t let myself do this until Garden Party and CdC are finished.


Blu said...

A lovely pattern, but what a massive undertaking!

Rachel S said...

It's really pretty so far. I am in awe of anyone who takes on a HAED. They look so hard!