Monday, December 28, 2009

Mini Update

I would first like to thank everyone for their condolences, it was much appreciated.

Everyday is getting a little better for us but there are still some moments that just sneak up on me and I lose it, I still turn around to say good bye to her when I leave the house or call for her when I get home but I know that will pass in time.

Pookie's ashes are now back home and are in a beautiful pink iridescent urn that totally scream pookie. We didn't realize how much stuff we purchased over the years for her so we are now looking for the perfect rubber mate container to hold all her clothes, stuffed animals, dishes and blankets. I did mention to the parents that if/when another dog was brought into the family we could reuse these items, but there are a couple items I would prefer that we didn't reuse so I will be taken those items myself as keepsakes.

On the cross stitch front I was hoping to be finished Deck the Halls before Christmas but with the pookie situation and my emotional state I didn't really touch the picture until yesterday so I will just plug away and do my best.

My Christmas was nice and I got pretty much everything I asked for and my gifts were well received by other.....I also got money to place a couple craft orders which are now on their way to me so on the whole it wasn't the best but it was still pretty good Christmas.

So Seasons Grettings and see you all in the New Year!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Heavy Heart

I have such a heavy heart today, we (my parents & I) made the decision to put pookie down. It's like there was an invisible switch that got hit during the first week of November and she went downhill from there, it was so bad she literally was vanishing in front of our eyes, the weight was just falling off. We had been feeding her baby food by syringe for awhile now to give her more nutrients and for the past 5 days that's all she has been eating. We were having to carry her outside to do her business because she was having difficult walking and would no longer jump on her little benches we had beside my bed and the couch (to help her get up) and I think the final straw for me was her constantly swaying back and forth and pained/dazed look on her face like she didn't know where she was. We had discussed waiting until after Christmas but as my mom said the stress of all the family get togethers would be to much for her and making her wait would just be cruel, she doesn't like a lot of people around because everyone is so much bigger then her so she usually hides in a basket of blankets we have but with her not walking very well I was afraid she would trip and break something. So at around 3:00 pm she peaceful went to sleep in my Dad arms with her favorite blanket around her. I'm glad I got to spend really good cuddle time with her last night so I could say my good byes privately.

I went to work today to keep my mind occupied but I really don't think it was a good idea and I'm having a really hard time now that I'm home walking into my room where there are signs of her everywhere. I don't think I have every love someone as much as I loved my little pookie bear who was hand delivered to us at 6 months old and lived to be 15 years old.

I just hurt all over.........

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Calm before the Storm

I have been very quiet of late working steadily on Deck the Halls...which is the calm. I am just loving this design and the specialty stitches aren't half bad I am getting as much practise as I can so that when I hit the specialty stitches in Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine it won't be to difficult to do.

I am hoping to finish Deck the Halls before Christmas which will make my total of completed pictures this year to 19 which is the most I think I've every completed in one year. If I don't finish before Christmas that will be no big deal since I am off between Christmas and New Years so it will get done then.

Now the storm is coming in the form of gift exchanges, Christmas food shopping and various other tasks that now have to be completed since Christmas is just around the corner, so I figure this weekend will be the last weekend I will be able to work on Deck the Halls uninterrupted, I will probably only be able to work on it on the train and on my lunch after that because I will be so busy after work so it is a very good thing that it's turning into a fast design to complete and is small because I definitely wouldn't have had time for anything bigger.

So hopefully you will hear from me soon with my latest completion or at least a WIP picture.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Dance Finally

Well after bitching and gripping for awhile I have finally finished Garden Party. Now don’t get me wrong I love the design, thread colors etc it’s just for a pattern that size it shouldn’t have taken this long. Anyway onward and upward.

I can now work solely on Deck the Halls and I’m very excited about that because this pattern is just smoking I have been stitching at lunch and when I do I always seem to get a nice chunk done so I can just imagine how much I can get done at home now with GP is done. I am taking my time with the specialty stitches though since most are brand new to me.

I have also kitted up Cut thru North Pole by Bothy designs and put in a couple stitches. Now the reason why I have kitted up Cut thru is since Deck the Halls is going so fast it won’t be long before I need another project and I always like to be prepared.

I have been very impressed with the number of pictures I finished this year and I’m hoping whatever groove I was able to create will continue for next year and really enjoy each picture as they come.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Sorry for the run by posting. I have about 20 stitches left on Garden Party so I don't really want to do a post until I have a picture or pictures to go with it. But I just have to say something LOL.

Would Mother Nature let it snow already for pity sakes I'm freezing my ass off everyday waiting for the train and I would be more accepting of this if there was snow to watch and enjoy. I am actually jealous of all the people who have snow already which is actually kind of funny.

Any way thanks for listening.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Well I am still plugging away on Garden Party Butterfly, just because I want to be done with the design it’s taking forever to finish, oh well!! As for Deck the Halls I’m really enjoying it now that I’ve gotten my groove on. I decided to use a bigger needle after all for the perle cotton stitches and I think it’s working like a hot damn. I have finished the trees and some of the red ribbons in two locations. I even did some specialty stitches that I’ve never tried before, it took a little to get used to and I had to redo a couple of them three times but overall I’m really satisfied with them now. I think they are called leviathan stitches or more commonly know as smyra crosses. I am then suppose to put a plus sign type stitch over top of them but I’m on the fence about that right now because they look so good as is, so I think I will wait till I get further in the design before deciding. I will be working on Deck the Halls solely once I finished Garden Party so my progress will definitely pick up speed then which should give me a better look a the design to then decide what to do. Hopefully I can post a finish and a WIP picture for you later on tonight.

Thanks for listening.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Finally My Update

I can’t believe how busy I have been, it’s almost like unconsciously as soon as it hit December 1st tasks that have to get accomplished starting springing out of the woodwork.

So I had some vacation the week of November 23 and my goal was to finish 4 if not 5 patterns that were close to being finished. I am happy to report I finished 4 of the patterns, I was also able to do quite a few Christmas tasks, house cleaning and baking tasks I had on my list. So my vacation was very productive.

So which patterns did I finish you may ask.

#1. I finished Garden Party – Bumble Bee. Now all that is left is Butterfly and for some reason it’s going a little slow right now but I’m hoping I can pick up the speed and finish her before the weekend is out.

#2 Cirque des Cercles – YAH. I am so happy about this finish, I really did begin to like this pattern again once I hit the half way point and figured out a style of stitching that worked for me, so I am a little sad that I’m finished but since I have the other 2 cirques I think I’ll be fine LOL

#3 Grace Tree Ornament – this is by M design and I stitched it using Carrie Creations peppermint thread and I decided not to add the beads since the threads coloring made the picture busy enough. I am a great fan of Carrie threads and I have quite a few but for some reason this thread was a bit of a disappointment. The thread is suppose to be green, slight fading of green into white, white, pink going into red. As you may or may not notice there isn’t much white at all. For some reason when I started stitching the pink bleeding section seemed to get bigger as I stitched almost like every time I went through the holes of my aida the red got pushed farther down the thread. I even started to cut up the skeins I was working on so the white and red had little contact but it still seemed to go pink…..oh well. I still love the finished design I just wished there was more white.

#4 Nutcracker Mill Hill – this is actually my first Mill Hill ornament, I have stitched a brookes book designs before so it wasn’t a complete surprise to me on how to stitch this one . I have purchased a couple of the nutcracker themed ornaments and so this is the first of many to come. I haven’t actually cut up the pieces and stitched them together yet but I’m hoping to do this next week. I am actually quite fearful when I have to ‘cut’ anything associated with my patterns for fear that I’ll cut the fabric or some important stitches and ruin the design so because I feel this way I am waiting till I’m feel more confident before I complete it. I have a cut out the sword already but that was pretty easy. I also made a change to the design, instead of stitching down the silver star on the hat of said Nutcracker I used my hot glue gun. I found the kreinik cable that was in this pattern was too bulky and the star is so tiny that once I stitched it up the cable overshadowed the star, making it look messy and unable to see, in the alternative I think the glue did a fine job instead..

I have also started a Christmas design for the train as you can see on my right sidebar a photo of my current design which is Deck the Halls by Just Nan, I have stitched a Just Nan before but with that one I kept it on 18 count aida and altered some of the specialty stitches to fit, this time I followed the instructions and choose a count that was recommended (pattern calls for 28 or 32), I choose 28 count. I have never actually worked on 28 count before I’ve used 25 and 32 but not 28. So far it’s not too bad.

Well enough said, thanks for listening.