Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Calm before the Storm

I have been very quiet of late working steadily on Deck the Halls...which is the calm. I am just loving this design and the specialty stitches aren't half bad I am getting as much practise as I can so that when I hit the specialty stitches in Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine it won't be to difficult to do.

I am hoping to finish Deck the Halls before Christmas which will make my total of completed pictures this year to 19 which is the most I think I've every completed in one year. If I don't finish before Christmas that will be no big deal since I am off between Christmas and New Years so it will get done then.

Now the storm is coming in the form of gift exchanges, Christmas food shopping and various other tasks that now have to be completed since Christmas is just around the corner, so I figure this weekend will be the last weekend I will be able to work on Deck the Halls uninterrupted, I will probably only be able to work on it on the train and on my lunch after that because I will be so busy after work so it is a very good thing that it's turning into a fast design to complete and is small because I definitely wouldn't have had time for anything bigger.

So hopefully you will hear from me soon with my latest completion or at least a WIP picture.

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