Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Well I am still plugging away on Garden Party Butterfly, just because I want to be done with the design it’s taking forever to finish, oh well!! As for Deck the Halls I’m really enjoying it now that I’ve gotten my groove on. I decided to use a bigger needle after all for the perle cotton stitches and I think it’s working like a hot damn. I have finished the trees and some of the red ribbons in two locations. I even did some specialty stitches that I’ve never tried before, it took a little to get used to and I had to redo a couple of them three times but overall I’m really satisfied with them now. I think they are called leviathan stitches or more commonly know as smyra crosses. I am then suppose to put a plus sign type stitch over top of them but I’m on the fence about that right now because they look so good as is, so I think I will wait till I get further in the design before deciding. I will be working on Deck the Halls solely once I finished Garden Party so my progress will definitely pick up speed then which should give me a better look a the design to then decide what to do. Hopefully I can post a finish and a WIP picture for you later on tonight.

Thanks for listening.

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