Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last Pictures of 2010

Here is what I got for Christmas

This is Heart of Fire from Northern Pine Designs, this project is on black canvas which I have never worked on before so this shall be interesting.

This is Glitz & Glamour Morganite kit by DebBee's Design, I am still missing 2 RG threads that are currently being send to me even without I think the coloring is beautiful and I look forward to working on this design. The booklet/pattern is very detailed so that shall help.

and this is the stuff I ordered for myself - Selene from Passione Ricamo and a piece of Mystic from PTP, the last two patterns for Christmas Rules by Lizzie Kate, Gingerbread & Sweet Treats by Keepsake Stitches, Snow White by CCN, This is Christmas by Raise the Roof and Christmas Carol by LHN

and here is the picture of the three tea cup ornaments I made.

Well everyone have a good and safe New Year.

Next page 2011

Well Christmas has come and gone and I have to say it turned out better than expected. We had a full house on Christmas Day which was great since I knew 2 out of my 4 younger cousins weren`t going to stay for dinner since they were spending it with their grandfather, this was the first Christmas since his wife died and it was only right that they spend it with him, but since they have dinner so late over there the kids were able to have a small supper with us at 5:30 - 6:00 and then go over to there and have dinner again at 8:00 - 9:00 (my cousin had to drop off her aunt there in the early evening so knew exact when the turkey went in so she guestimated the time it would be ready).
My mom was extremely surprised about the photos, you could see on her face when she realized that it was all 7 of us, she got pics of the younger 4 last year so I think she thought they were updated pics but when she noticed my brother, sister and myself she just lost it LOL, she was crying so hard I think she almost had to leave the room to calm down. My younger cousin also got her tickets to Cirque de Soleil which I though was a great idea and so did my mom because she started crying again. But I think the best crying episode is when my sister gave her cash to help purchase a new furry baby, my mom has started saving for a new dog and last time my sister was over she only put $2 in the piggy bag since she is such a cheap person so for my sister to do what she did for my mom was great and very surprising.
I went out on boxing day for a couple DVD`s I wanted we took our time and had no intention of being anywhere first so no standing outside in lines, we casually showed up a couple hours later and if we got what we wanted good, but if we didn`t that was okay too it`s one of those things that you just need to experience and shake your head at it.
We are currently still eating leftover turkey which I love. In all the excitement of everyone coming over Christmas Day I forgot to bring out my baking until boxing day which is fine because usually I don`t get any of my baking it`s eaten before I get a change to try any of it so I`m really enjoying eating it this year LOL.
I don`t go back to work until the 4th so I`m trying to not be a slug my entire week off, I`m doing housework, putting away the craft supplies I got for Christmas, I`m hoping to final finish some projects, watch the DVD`s I got for Christmas and of course some stitching, I have actually gotten a lot done on Summer Fairy Spirit by Passione Ricamo I think I could possibly get everything but the beading done before I go back to work.
So over the next few days I`m going to update my blog with what I want to accomplish stitchingwise and readwise for 2011 I want to have this up before the actual new year starts. And in case you were wondering the final tally was 9 finish stitch projects and 13 books read this year.....not bad for me.
I will post some pics some craft present pics and some WIP pics in the next couple days, along with a picture of my final finish tea cups.
Thanks for listening

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Miss my Pookie Bear

Today is a sad day for me it's the first anniversary of Pookie's death. I'm not really chatty so I will leave you with my favorite Pookie photos.

Waiting for me to come home from work.

Waiting for the shortbread cookies to be ready

Going for a run on the dike

Showing off her new pink shirt

Her glamour shot

Her 'stop taking my picture and let's go play face'
I find that pet owners and lovers will understand how I'm feeling but none pet owners will think I'm being silly, Thank god I work with pet owners and they will humor me today.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crap, Joy and Crap again!

Well things are going bumpy right now with my current WIP Cut Thru North Pole by Bothy Designs.
I started using the shimmery thread that was included with this pattern to make the snow sparkle a couple days ago and the stuff is CRAP (which explains the first crap in my title), the stuff bunches in the back and is so thin you can't tell that it has broken or has gotten twisted until you flip the fabric over to finish the line which I did and there was all the thread bunched in one stitch, I was not a happy camper, so I subbed out the thread for kreinik blending filament #32 the only difference with the two thread is that the stuff that came with the design had a white sheen to it whereas BF32 is iridescent, it's really sad when BF is a happy alternative to a thread.
The Joy is a three fold one - I have finished the 4th floor and 3/4 of the 3rd floor on the design and it's looking great, I expect to finish santa's sled and perhaps the bay window on the 3rd floor tonight. I have finished all my christmas shopping and everything is wrapped too and I have baked shortbread cookies, peanut butter blossoms and kahlua balls my mother has helped me and made the macaroons and two flavours of chocolate bark (white chocolate/peppermint and milk chocolate/skor pieces), now all that is left is the cream cheese tarts. I have already had my office christmas luncheon which was a lot of fun, our former lawyer that is now a judge was able to join us since the trial he is preceding on is with the jury now and they were deliberating, but he had his pager with him in case they decided and he had to rush off. We go to one of the partners 'clubs' and drink and be merry for at least 3 hours so going back to work after that doesn't produce much work afterwards LOL, I'm always concerned about sending any documents out to other counsel while tipsy so I basically just try to push paper around until I can go home. I have a family party this weekend which will be fun and then a get together with my best friend, god son and their family on Monday.
We are going to my 2nd cousin's house this year instead of my great aunt for the family party because my great aunt has just finished cancer treatment and found out she is in remission too so even though she wanted to do it my cousin told her she needed to rest and stay healthy and since the cousin has a new house it was her turn LOL. She has made cabbage rolls, perogies, basically all the usual Ukrainian Christmas stuff. We haven't gone all crazy with the Ukrainian food at Christmas time since I was little so I'm excited that someone is doing it. I think since my Nana passed away (and it's her family tradition) no one in my immediate family wanted to take the responsibility of all that cooking so we low keyed it and only do perogies on Christmas Eve.
I'm really looking forward to seeing my best friend and godson on Monday too, I ran into her 2 weeks ago when they were getting their pictures done with Santa and her sister posted a picture of it on facebook and it is absolutely adorable so I'm looking forward to getting my copy for my desk at work. I was given specific instruction on what I could get D for Christmas, since they live in a basement suite their isn't a lot of room for large toys and so they usually wind up at his Nana's since she has a playroom for him and the rest of her grandchild's so I kept that in mind when I totally disregarded my best friends instructions LOL I did get him clothes like she asked but I also got him a couple toys that could easily fit in the car he can play with them while driving with either parent, they are tonka trucks that are squishy and the wheels move when you squish them. So I don't think she can get too mad at me because of the toys, besides I am single and have no nieces or nephews so who else am I suppose to spend my toy money on. I think my favourite part of the gift though is the camouflage socks I got him, it is just such a boy thing.
Anyway back to my post title and the final I said earlier I had finished the 4th floor, well when I had to move the hoop over to work on the sled I notice this god awful dirt ring around the entire design that was visible in the hoop, now I know I'm not a tidy stitcher since I take the picture with me on the train and I'm not in control of cleanliness of my environment, but this is just disgusting, I also did bake and stitch at the same time but I scrubbed my hands before stitching but maybe not enough and also I don't know what it is with light blue aida every time I use it I have really bad dirt marks either way it is taking all that is in me not to wash the picture tonight just to get rid of the dirt ring but since I have a ways to go to finish the design washing it now would be counter productive but it did burst my happiness bubble in what I had accomplished so far. I am going to a quilt/misc craft shop on my lunch hour for some cording, felt, velvet and some christmas fabric I think I will look for some kind of fabric to put around my hoop too, I have tried this in the past but the scrap fabric wasn't thick enough for me and got in my way, so I think I need to find some fleece type fabric and make proper strips around the areas where my hands rest and hopefully that will help keep the rest of the fabric clean.
Well thanks for listening

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cut Thru North Pole Pics

As mentioned earlier here are some WIP pics of North Pole

As of November 25th

As of November 28th
As of December 1st

December post

Well I have been so busy lately with holiday tasks that I haven't been able to sit down and post or even read blogs, but I'm making time for it now.
I have finished my Christmas shopping Hurray!!!!!!But I haven't gotten much accomplished in regards to baking  so it's now time to switch gears to baking.
I have been making great stride on my stitch picture too, I was struggling at the beginning for some reason but I have overcome that and everything is going smoothly now. 
I thought the Cut thru North Pole pattern was 6 pages but I needed to look at the other pages last night because the area I'm working on carries over to two other pages and it was then that I realized that the design is only 4 pages, which makes me think that it is possible to finish the design before the end of the year, I'm not going to hold my breath since I haven't done any backstitching yet though LOL. I was going to backstitch each floor as I finished it but I'm not sure if I'm going to stick to that plan anymore since I strongly dislike backstitching and I don't want to sabotage myself, either way I hope to be finished 90% of floor 3rd and 70% of the 4th floor by the weekend then I will need to move the hoop and finish the rest of both the floors next week. I'm trying not to put any deadlines on myself after that point in the pattern since Christmas stuff is so all consuming but you never know with me.
I will try and post a picture of the WIP when I get home.
Thanks for listening

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another Happy Dance

Well I have finally finished It's Cold outside by Blue Ribbon Designs, it is a very nice design and even though I bitched about it a lot I really did enjoy working on it.

I made some changes to it as well, in the top left snowman there were quite a few more snowflakes but I just felt they were a bit of an overkill so I only put in three. I also didn't fill in the largest tree in this design, I really like how it looked with just the one color of green so I just left it as is, giving it my own personal touch, and I again didn't put in all the snowflakes and I placed them were I wanted them to go. So that makes it 9 in the completed department for 2010, I'm okay with that I might even try and complete one more to make it 10 but we will see.

So I'm so disappointment with where I live, apparently there is a snowfall warning for the lower mainland and the news is showing some communities with a huge dump of snow and my co-worker posted some really nice pics on facebook but I on the other hand just got a sprinkle last night and when I woke up this morning it was all gone, I have the major cold wind but none of the snow to go with it. I was really looking forward to the first snowfall of the season and it missed me completely. Well maybe next time.

Thanks for listening and welcome to my new followers and people who have left comments of late. I don't know the etiquette for responding to comments/messages so please don't take offense if I don't response to you specifically.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Dance oh Happy Dance

Check me out LOL, here is my newest finish Falling Leaves by Laura J. Perin. I have to say once I got into the groove of canvas stitching this design just came together and was fun to stitch.

I have already jumped headlong into my next design too, it will be Cut thru North Pole by Bothy Designs even though it will be the picture on the back burner until It's Cold Outside is finished, for some reason I don't seem to get much accomplished on that design even when working on it everyday, so I figured I needed to add a little new blood to keep me on task and not put it aside.

Well I am making this short and sweet so I can get back to Its cold.

thanks for listening

Monday, November 8, 2010


I sometimes wonder if people think I'm stupid and are surprised that I get offended and stand up for myself. I'm finding more and more lately that I should know my place at work, I know there is work division in all employment and sometimes toes are stepped on by I just find it silly when I'm on the phone with a third party provider, dealing with a supply issue, to put them on hold and pass them to other secretary when I can just deal with the situation myself. She is bloody well sitting right beside me so if I'm not getting the proper message across to the third party she can give me hand gestures and I can correct myself. I'm not meaning to step on toes but really! transferring and putting people on hold and making a 5 mins conversation turn into 20 mins is just silly. I'm not stupid I know what needs to be done. Anyway, enough about that.......
This weekend was a get success in regards to the family portrait. The weather was wonderful and I think they will be great pics. The photographer was a friend of the cousin that organized the photo opportunity, she has a really cool and fancy digital camera, so hopefully we all can have a sneak peek at the photos. These pictures will be Christmas gifts for our respective parents. My mom loves these kinds of things and like I said before there hasn't been pictures of all 7 of us together semi professionally ever, of course there have been causally photo op's at family functions but nothing like yesterday. As well my brother, who is the black sheep of the family, was able to attend and I think he had a great time.
I'm not looking forward to Christmas this year, I actually haven't in the last couple of years since there aren't any little kids in our family right now so it's not really fun the usual way people expect Christmas to be and since money is always tight it makes my mom blue since she can't get us big expensive gifts like we had when we were kids. For years now I've explained to her that at our age if we want something expensive we should get it for ourselves and to stop worrying about it, but unfortunately she is kind of labelled the 'poor' sister amongst her family and takes it personally. I just love getting together with family and eating good food and just having fun that the gifts aren't even something I give a shit about but it's hard for her to accept that so she becomes a bit of a downer, I actually like giving rather than receiving because I LOVE to shop. Anyway sorry for the poor me point is that unfortunately this year will be a bluer year then most because we are coming up to the anniversary of Pookie's death and I'm feeling it. It was a traditional pookie and I had that I would make shortbread cookies and she would 'sample' the batches and make sure they were ok LOL......I know I shouldn't have fed her people food but it was a traditional and she would sit in the doorway of the kitchen and watch me and know when I walked to the kitchen table to let the cookies cool she was going to get something, and even though she was sick last year she did eat one cookie so we kept the traditional alive last year. I will be starting my Christmas batching this upcoming weekend and it making me kind of sad that she won't be there to help me.

On the stitching front, I'm making steady progress on It's Cold and I've sort of make it the priority pieces this week and if all goes well tonight I will be down to the last motif. Falling Leaves is taking a little longer now to finish too because I'm doing the cream inner border and each line changes as I go, it goes from 1 square, 2 square to 6 square in one line to 5 squares, 3 squares to 1 square the next line so I'm having to really pay attention and it's going slower, so hopefully Happy Dances will occur twice this week I just have to stick to it.
Thanks for listening

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Almost Happy Dance

I am on a role right now with my WIP, I don't know what has gotten my mojo back but let me tell you there was a lot of stitching to be had this weekend. I have half a border to finish and then 1.5 motifs on it's cold which I'm hoping to finish completely tomorrow and then I have 3.5 panels of cream left to do on Falling Leaves which I don't think I can finish until about Tuesday, either way I'm super excited that things are moving along so nicely. This is the most productive I have been on a weekend for so long. Now I better get to bed, my cousins and siblings on my father's side are getting together tomorrow privately to have a family portrait to give my mom for Christmas, I honestly don't think there is one of all 7 of us. There is quite the age gap between me and my siblings and the cousins so we don't really do things like this together so I'm pretty excited......hopefully the weather cooperates since we are doing it outside.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Still Quiet

Thanks ladies for all the reassuring comments about my slump and it is funny to hear that I'm not the only one quiet right now and using stash sorting to help get out of the slump.

I am slowly putting some stitches into my projects. I did about 10 stitches on the train last Monday and on Thursday I even cracked my picture at work just so I could accomplish something. I'm only now getting interested in stitching again I finally finished the green border on Falling Leaves on Saturday and today I finished the gingerbread man on It's Cold Outside so it looks like my stitching mood it slowly returning.

I'm still also plugging away on reorganizing my stash and am half way through repackaging my extra DMC floss so I hope that will help continue to get me stitching again.

Well I'm off to stitch LOL, thanks for listening.

Here is Falling Leaves after Saturday night.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hello everyone, long time no talk.

Stitching has been pretty non-existent for a couple weeks now, I have had a major reading Jones going on and so all my free time has been reading. I am still nowhere near completing my 24 goal this year but I don't care.

I am also reevaluating my craft set up right now, I have divided up my patterns up and put them in a 5 drawer rolling cart instead of my file cabinet and 2 drawers stuffed full in various places in my room, so now they are in a central location and now I've moved on to my spare DMC threads, my goal has always been to have 5 skeins of each thread excluding my main set I still have a long way to go but in the mean time I need them to be organized. I originally had them in large zip lock bags her color but lately I'm finding that I literally have to dump out the entire bag to find the skein I'm looking for so I have purchased some zip lock snack bags and have put each individual color in their own bag so I know on first glance whether I need to purchase more. Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to store them, I have some medium size containers that I'm going to see if they all fit into and all go from there.

As you can tell I've been quite borrowing lately with is why I've been blog quiet.

Actually the only thing I've have done worth mentioning is started my Christmas shopping LOL, I know I can hear you all groan but I'm so anal retentive and always start my shopping and baking early so I can calmly enjoy when society gets excited for the Christmas Spirit, it's actually quite fun.

Well thanks for listening.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Back again for more updates

I realized after my last post that my EG picture was not a very updated pics I have done a lot more work on the pattern, so I pulled the picture out of the WIP basket and took another picture, and then I couldn't remember if I mentioned what designer It's cold outside is's from Blue Ribbon designs and let me tell you I LOVE these designs I think I have about 5 of them and there is a preview floating around for another similar box type design called Pocketful of Peppermint that the designer is doing for a class that I hope comes out as a pattern to be purchased because I already have it on my list as a must have, these type of designs are so great they are easy to stitch and you can get 5 or 6 different finishes out of them if you so choose, the possibilities are endless and I like it when designers do that.

Anyway I just thought I would drop by with updated pics, I've basically ignored my projects this long weekend but hopefully by mid week I will have more pics to show. Well off to help with Thanksgiving prep with my mom, while we wait for the slow poke know as my sister.

It's Cold Outside by Blue Ribbon Designs

Falling Leaves by Laura Perin

Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finally an Update

I have been trying to post for 2 days now LOL and now finally I can.

Well I feel so much better now, I still haven’t stitched much these past few days but what I have done has been progress. I have decided to take a break form Egyptian Garden, I knew this would happen because it’s such a big design so I pulled out It’s Cold Outside by Blue Ribbon Designs and will be working on this design till it’s finished. The design is so cutie and with everything in its own little box I can easily jump from section to section, it should also be a relatively quick finish too. I truly can see why Martina the designer for Chatelaine splits her designs into 12 parts because even though a section may look simple each section is very time consuming.

So here is It’s Cold Outside before I starting working on it again

What it's eventually going to look like

And here is Egyptian Garden as of Friday night when I put it down.

I actually got a little farther than this but I didn't take a picture.

As well one of my tasks this past weekend was to complete some of my finishes, I had put this pin keep away until I figured out what I wanted to do with it ribbon wise and then I got too busy and forgot about it. I’m still unsure about the finish but I figure the more experience I have doing them the better they will turn out. As you can see the ribbon around the design looks a little clunky, I really love the color of the ribbon and I purchased it for this design alone and after reviewing other ladies finishes I see most ladies do have a ribbon that is slightly larger than the design width so *shrug*, next time I’m going to use a smaller ribbon and then compare and see which one I like the best. Same thing with the ribbon on top I was all set to use Twisted stitchers instruction on ribbon making but as I was doing it I realized that my design wasn’t thick enough and the bow would look odd, so I just did up a basic bow and stuck it on it kind of giving a carefree attitude. I definitely came away with a couple different techniques I want to try for next time.

So here is my first pinkeep resting beside my new mini computer. I hope you enjoy looking at them both.

Monday, September 27, 2010


I have a major case of the Blah's and I don't know why. I know the weather has been crappy but fall just started and if I feel like this just after a couple days of rain and clouds then I'm going to be a gem during the entire fall & winter. Stitching is nonexistent, all my housekeeping tasks are annoying me, sleep is a struggle and my father is getting on my nerves...ho hum I'm quite the bitch today. Let's hope the retail therapy I did at 123 stitch and ABC stitch help me out of this funk.
It is so bad I am even having a hard time figuring out what color of fabric to do Selene the Moon Goddess by Passione Ricamo on (if this is news to you go to passione website and check her out). Which is something I love to figure out, since the options are endless. I originally thought dark fury or siren's call by Enchanted fabric but I think they are both too dark, although I only pulled out the mystique piece of siren's call and not the flair so I will need to pull them out again tonight. Now I'm looking at the colors on Silkweaver and Picture this Plus but nothing strikes my fancy, I'm always worried when using dark/black type colors that when I stitch the design too much of the fabric with poke through and kills the design. But on the other hand she is a Moon Goddess which screams night time so I just don't know what to do, I know it's not the end of the world but it definitely fits into my bitch/blah attitude I'm currently in.
Well work is almost over, I'm going to go home have a tall cocktail, climb into bed and pout. Thanks for listening to my nonsensical post.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mildly Surprised

I spoke too soon regarding translink. The day after my post I got an email from them asking for more details about the 'unprofessional behaviour' of the bus driver, I'm so surprised I got a response, so I gave them what they needed, she is still driving my bus but then again I really didn't expect her to be removed but I'm hoping there is a reprimand letter in her file so if she does something stupid again that will be 2 strikes.
Onto stitch, I have been quietly plugging away on Egyptian Garden, I just haven't really been in the mood to stitch of late, there are so many other things I want to work on which wind up getting done instead, basically my fall cleaning stuff is huge and now that the weather has changed I'm tired all the time so I prefer to relax, read or snooze on the train then anything else.
I'm hoping to chip away at my to do list this weekend and then have at least 3 hours of solid stitching sometime this weekend, plus a family bbq to go to.
Well I'm not very chatty today so thanks for listening.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Not surprising

So as I said in my last posted I fired off an email to Translink which is the official name of the people who take care of the public transportation in BC about the incident the other day and in that email you are given the option of whether you want someone to contact you about your complaint, I of course check yes. I didn't leave my phone number because I would be at work but I did leave my email... it's been 24 hours and no response, what is the point of saying you will contact me if it's only offered to the people who leave phone numbers, whatever.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Crap, crap & double crap

So I've been working on Falling Leaves at home for a while, I took a break for a couple days because of the weather and had just gotten into it and it was going great. I finished the outer border of cream; leaving the inner cream for later since I was getting bored with stitching cream. I completed the red border around the cream and had then started working on the Caron Watercolor border using #10 Fiesta, I was a little concerned with this section because the border section is two rows on each side with little triangles in Fiesta. When I finished the inner quilt squares of this design I looked over the thread I had left and was wondering if I would have enough.....I  had used a lot of the thread up at the beginning of this design when I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I didn't think I used that much up but when I started stitching this border I knew deep down that I would run out before I was finished and low and behold last night I ran out........I am not even half way finished the border. So I've had to put FL away, I could probably work around that border and finish the final green border and finish off the cream border (which I might do in a weeks or so) but I have decided to work on Egyptian Garden full time instead. Thank goodness I'm placing an October craft order for some supplies and patterns so I just can add the WC thread into the order, it is a nice variegated thread that even if the thread is a different dye lot then my original skein it will be okay to just continue where I left off and worse case scenario and it really doesn't match up I can just tear out the old stuff and put in the new since there really isn't a lot I was able to get done.
Now onto another issue I have this one is in regards to my commute home. After getting off my train I take a small mini bus that takes me the rest of the way home. We have this real piece of work driver -  she never stops for people unless they are exactly at the stop if they are a 1/2 a block a way nope she won't or even if they flag her down she ignores them. She refuses to do any special stops, usually these stops are for the elderly or people with a lot of grocery bags and it is easier if the bus drops them off a couple blocks before the actual stop and closer to their home, she bitches at passengers for not understanding where they are going and always has a sour expression on her face, she keeps the door closed while waiting for the train to arrive even if it is raining and other people from different buses are transferring over to her bus, she makes them wait. She also speeds through the bus loops and over speed bumps while trying to beat the rush out of the train station, she closes the door super fast on people entering and exiting her bus to the point that I swear she has hit someone in the behind with the door. I have made comments to another bus driver about bad bus driver's behaviour and the driver tells me that this is what bad bus driver does all the time, she is unliked in the union and has to be shifted from route to route because her passengers dislike her as well. I was told to keep complaining about her because the only way she is going to change is if management threaten her with firing. Last night there was an incident that I'm so shocked about that I immediately fired off an email of complaint about it. So last night the driver was in such a rush to leave that she shut the door on two ladies as they entered the bus, while one lady was at the ticket machine inside the bus at the top of the 3 stairs the other lady was still in the stairwell (with a bag of flowers in her hands) the bus lunged forward and the 1st lady dropped her ticket in the stairwell, she moves aside and allows the woman in the stairwell to go past her to get a seat then she climbs down the first step, turns around and with her back towards the door bends over to pick up her ticket, at the same time this is happening the bus driver is still driving the bus and proceeds to do a left and right hand turn and starts to speed towards the first speed bump. My biggest fear at that moment was the woman in the stairwell to lose her balance and fall against the door, which might have opened up and she would have fallen out of a moving bus to potentially get run over by our bus or the three that were leaving the station at the same time we were, let alone the damage of falling from a moving vehicle to the asphalt below........but thank god nothing happened and the woman got out of the stairwell and sat down.
I remember in high school when I took a large bus that the driver wouldn't move the bus unless everyone was behind the yellow line they have after the ticket machine claiming it was a safety concern and I've heard this bus driver tell people to move their stuff if it's over the yellow line because it obscures her view so to me a person in the stairwell is just as much of an obstacle as someone's purse and there was no way that the bus should have started moving while these ladies were in the stairwell and most certainly this bus driver should have pulled over when the woman lost her ticket since it was in the stairwell. Let's see if anything happens about my complaint.
Thanks for listening

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What to do?

So my best friends is going through a hard time right now with her son, he is 18 months and doesn't sleep through the night yet, she is extreme frustrated and exhausted over the whole thing. I have tried to offer my assistance the best I can but being a single friend I don't feel that it is my place to do that. From reading between the lines I think she is having some problems with her mother and perhaps her husband with regards to the techniques she is using to raise the baby. I think she might be taking their helpful advise and taking it as criticism which is also why I'm not offer my opinion in case she takes it the wrong way.

She was quite sick at the end of her pregnancy and then D was sick with tummy problems for months after he was born so I think she coddled him and put him into a strange routine concentrating on his feeding schedule as opposed to a proper sleeping schedule and now that everyone is thriving the strange routine is now the norm and she doesn't understand why he hasn't snapped out of it and sleeps through the night, like any of us do that!!!!! There is chaos in the home and it's really hitting her hard and making her think she is a bad mom, what she doesn't understand is she is a first time mom and these things happen and she should take advise from other people to help her change this routine, it's nothing against her mothering if she does this. I have actually wondered for months now what she was going to do because once D become school aged this sleeping pattern he's on isn't going to work. I even offered to take him for the weekend so she could get some sleep and perhaps see if I could get him to sleep better but she refused, which I also think is a bad thing, I don't think even the grandparents have had him overnight which is a whole new problem she's creating. It's really frustrating for me as a friends because on one hand she is hurting inside and out but on the other she kind of did this to herself.......I just don't know what to do for her especially since she is so oversensitive right now.

Thanks for listening to my vent

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Toy

I love this time of that I`m not a student in any way shape or form of course. I still love going to the stores and checking out the school supplies and I always seem to find something I have to have LOL, you can never have enough notebooks to keep track of your WIP etc. But this time around I was there to get ink for my printer and stubbled into the laptop netbook section, I have always wanted a netbook, they are so cute and this past summer the thought of turning on my computer was plainful but I really needed to work on the computer so I had no choice which of course really overheated my room.

Anyway, I found this really cute netbook that will do all I need at a great price, everyone warned me that it doesn`t handle big graphics but that`s not what I want it for`nor do I need a large hard drive it`s kind of just a stop over until I get to my main PC. I have a couple word type document projects that I`ve been putting off for months because I always seem to run out of time to complete, now I can take the computer on the train and in the morning work on these projects, since in the morning I never seem to get a seat that give me enough arm room to work on stitch so my goal is to work on the computer in the am and stitch in the pm. Also that means I can take the computer out of my room and be more productive. I didn`t realize how chained to the computer I am and how cumbersome it is in the bedroom when things are happening in the living room. So long story short, I have a new toy. Perhaps when I post a new Egyptian Garden picture I will post one of the netbook as well.

Thanks for listening, and good luck to all the students going back to school on Tuesday.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I've Brought Pictures

First thing first here is Madonna of the Garden by Mirabilia on 18 count aida Griffon from Sugar Maple Fabric, I finished her on August 1st. I love this design the vibrant color are fabulous. I really enjoyed every element of this design.

Next is Witch Way by Just Nan on 28 count Bone Lugana, I finished it on August 9th it is very cute the specialty stitches are the broom bottom and hair of the witches.

This is what I've done so far on Egyptian Garden as of Friday, I'll continue stitching empty spots on the top right then bottom right before moving on to another piece of the pattern. My goal by the end of the week is to finish the entire top portion and a bit of the left/right sides before moving forward on the top section. I've decided to split the pattern into 4 sections top, bottom, left & right and I will keep stitching those section until that portion of the design is finish, I'm doing this because it's easier to manage the large fabric on the train by concentrating to a single section, since the fabric is 25x25 32 count. Oh I'm using Days Gone by from Silkweaver.

And finally this is the status of Falling Leaves by Laura Perin as of Saturday. My goal tonight is to finish the outer portion of the cream on the final two sides and then start on the red border which is next and then slowly fill in the cream border, I'm just getting tired of the cream so I've decided to improvise so I don't get tired of the design as a whole and put it down.

Well I think that's it for now. Thanks for listening

Friday, August 27, 2010

Have you missed me

I have tried to do a post for a couple of weeks now but I keep getting distracted. So here is the 411 on me. I have been stitching in drips and drabs because of the weather, it has been way too hot to have lights on in the house and sticky fingers are never good when stitching. But since my last post I was able to finish Madonna of the Garden by Mirabilia done on 18 ct aida Griffon by SMF. Then I started working on Witchy Way by Just Nan, it is a very cute design and a quick finish that I felt like doing instead of launching myself into another large design. I think the design took me two weeks from start to finish since I only worked on it on the train, the design also had some specialty stitches which were fun to work on and they really completment the design.
I have now pushed off all my other projects except for Falling Leaves (canvas) by Laura Perin and Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine designs. I will be working on FL till it's finished (if I don't run out of one of the threads) and will work on EG till end of the year. I will reassess  in January and decide if I put it away or continue till finished, I'm actually hoping I might be finished by then because I will be working on it at home and train once FL is finished, but we will see.
The reason why I'm concentrating on EG is because I've joined the Greek and Venice Mandala yahoo groups which brings my total of Chatelaine designs up to 6 and I think it's about time I actually finished one of them LOL.
Since I started back on EG I was able to finish the fish, pond, and blue lotus flower section which are the first 2 layers at the centre of the design and I am now onto the brown, grey/green swirls in the third row, I probably won't be finished that section until next week. My only problem with the design right now is the section I'm working on is over 4 different pages so it's a little bit difficult to juggle all those pages on the train but I think I've found a technique that is working for me. I usually finish stitching all the stitches in one color before moving on to the next one but in this case I'm just stitching whatever colors are on the page I'm currently holding, so that means I will eventually have to put in stitches with the same color four separate times, it's not ideal but at least I spend more time stitching then I do looking for the next page. I have also decided to cut up the pattern pages I've printed out so I can handle them more easily, I usually do this when I've finished a chunk of stitching and what I do is cut it away from the master and only keep the sections left with bead or backstitch for future stitching but in the Chatelaine designs there is a crap load of beads splashed everywhere so I can't actually cut it without missing a spot where a crystal or bead goes so I made a second copy of the design where I've highlighted where all the crystals and beads will go this way I can cut my current copy up and not have to worry about the bead placements and when it's time for beading I will take the second copy out and know where the beads are right away because they have been highlighted for me this should definitely speed up the beading.
Hopefully if I'm not too busy tonight I can post some pictures so you guys know what I'm talking about LOL.
Thanks for listening

Friday, August 6, 2010

BC is Burning

As of this morning this is how my province looks in regards to forest fires. We have been told that there are about 400 fires raging in the interior, some are small and contained, some are large and nowhere near contained and some are out of control and evacuation notices have been issued.

And now the haze from the fires have made it down to Vancouver. I got into town yesterday and there was this haze all around the downtown core. Our weather people are saying that there is so much smoke in the air that the wind is now bring it to the lower mainland and it will probably linger for a couple more days. Let me tell you I was definitely feeling it yesterday while walking to the train to go home. Hopefully with the cooler weather coming there will be some rain without thunder and lightening and the weather helps the men and women out there fighting these fires for us.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

My goodness I'm in trouble LOL

So I made the mistake of going onto the Chatelaine BB to see what was new.....BIG MISTAKE I have fallen in love with two new classes that I must have Venice Mandala which is a class that started in February 2010 and will finish January 2011 and Greece Mandala which starts tomorrow and go until July 2011.



Now do I honestly need these pattern...No!!! but they are coming home with me anyway LOL. I won't be purchasing them right away so that gives me some time to crunch the numbers in regards to paying for them since these pattern are always expensive with their crystals, gold lined beads and hand dyed silks. Usually what I do it break up the supplies and look for the cheapest price and then spread the purchases over a few months. As well since I'm adding these two to my collection I figured it was about time to actually finish one. So Egyptian Garden has been moved up in my list of projects. I had planned on working on it in October but now it looks like I can start working on it mid August.

Speaking of projects I finished all the stitching on Madonna about 1 hour ago and so now I'm taking a computer break before starting to bead. I have also started a new train picture it's called Witch Way by Just Nan and it's pretty cute with witches, ghosts, cats etc. I will try and post a pics when I post Madonna happy dance.

Thanks for listening.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Blogger Template

Well since Cute blog is going through a transition right now with their templates I decided to switch back to Blogger's templates. I'm still on the fence about what I've chosen but I'll give it a couple days to grow on me before I make anymore major changes. My home computer and work computer are both flat screens but work is brighter so have to keep that in mind when switching templates.

On the stitching front....I am currently on vacation and was hoping to do some major stitching but have since changed my mind LOL. I visited with my mom, went shopping with the BFF and godson, went to the dentist and since it's been so hot that my fingers are sticking together the thought of picking up a needle is just not something that is appealing to me. Now I'm not saying I haven't gotten any done because I have I just was hoping to be a lot farther in the finish then I currently am. Basically I was hoping to be beading by now but I think I have about 1.5 days left of stitching still to do, I am working on the greenery/fruit section at the bottom of Madonna where there is a lot of color changes which isn't helping. I have also decided to work on a couple small designs and a canvas after I'm finished instead of launching into another big picture even if it's a WIP.

Thanks for listening

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm still around

Well I'm still around LOL. I just haven't been very chatty. I am still working on Madonna everyday and am very close to being finished.
I am currently working on her dress after which there is the bottom green panel, some stitches I missed around the side of the design and finally the beading which will then complete the I can really see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I'm hoping to be finished by the end of the month, this estimate is about 1.5 weeks longer than I wanted but since I took a break from stitching earlier this month I'm a tad behind my original calculations, oh well.
I will be on holidays next week so I'm hoping to catch up on some time with Madonna but I'm not going to count on it.
So next on the agenda, I want to complete a couple more quilt squares on Falling Leaves canvas design and then I will be pulling out Woodland Goddess by Joan Elliott and finishing her.
Thanks for listening.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Quick Post

Now don't get me wrong I wasn't really complaining in my last post about getting no stitching was kind of an observation. I was in a way proving why I don't rotate my stitching anymore.....I am easily distracted LOL.
I am on my last day of a 4 day weekend in observance of Canada Day and I've been able to finish all my tasks now so for the rest of the day I will be stitching. I finished the orange ruffle yesterday and today's goal is to finish the green/blue swirl on the right side.


Friday, June 25, 2010

This weeks progress

Well, I've actually hit a bit of a block this week and I was doing so well. LOL
I had the day off on Tuesday to celebrate my birthday and I had big plans to stitch, which didn't actually materialize, my best friend and her son (my god son) came over to play...he was having such a good day that they stayed for 4 hours before he got tired and cranky but during those 4 hours he was hysterical, he does this wrinkle the nose jolly laugh thing which cracked me right up which of course made him laugh harder. I taught him how to blow kisses which his mom was excited to see since she had been trying that for a couple weeks with no success, he also was giving me kisses which was really cute especially since he doesn't give them out to anyone except his mom, not even his dad gets them which is pretty funny.
Anyway, back to stitch, I only stitched for about 1 hour on Tues and then after everyone left I just didn't feel like it so I played facebook games. Then on Wednesday I was in the mood to read on the train and I have been basically doing that for the rest of the week to and from work, which is no big deal. The weather has been great this week (knock on wood) and I'm enjoying it better with a good book then my head buried in stitch. But then of course I get home and I still don't want to stitch so I've been downloading free trials of hidden object computer games and playing them, I have also started playing farm town on facebook again LOL. I know I am so close to finishing Madonna and if I only gave myself a few more weeks of solid stitching I definitely would be done I just feel that the other activities I've been doing are calling my name louder. I received a few DVD's for my birthday so I figure if I park my ass in my chair with a movie on I could catch up on some lost stitching this weekend, my goal is to finish 2 - 3 sections that are half done already and would have been done this week anyway. I'm getting into the left desirable section of the pattern now so it doesn't take much to convince me to do something else but stitch. But hopefully this weekend will be full of stitch and a new progress picture come Monday.
Thanks for listening

Monday, June 21, 2010

Currently WIP & Loving Them

I am still flying through Madonna and loving it, yes some moments are a little more tedious then others but on the whole it's a great project. So here is my latest WIP pictures

Now onto another topic - canvas designs. As I've mentioned in a previous post I've fallen in love with canvas designs I think the designs coming out are gorgeous and many of them I would like to purchase right away LOL. Anyway, I purchased Falling Leaves by Laura J. Perin about 1 year ago I think and earlier this year I started working on it. Now I tried to follow her instruction to the tee since this was a new thing for me but for the life of me I couldn't make the squares line up with each other, in case you don't know what this design looks like here it is.

My first try I started in the centre and followed the border lines around each square until I had to change to a different color, but once I tried to do the column of squares on the left it wouldn't line up to the centre. Then I tried to completed an entire square before moving onto the next one, but once I got to the centre corner of the square I was always one square off. I was so annoyed at this point that I put the design away and decided I would practise the pattern on aida first before trying again. I was very frustrated and disappointed because I had heard that canvas was very easy and you could probably finish a design in half the time it takes for a regular cross stitch project.

Fast forward to about a week ago and I was reading spinster stitchers blog, (which I love, she is hysterical) and she was working on a canvas called strawberry shortcake and in one of her WIP pictures she showed the paper copy of pattern and her canvas, well I was able to zoom into this picture and see what the paper pattern shows and how she then stitches it and that's when I noticed that I was doings something wrong on my design, I was definitely reading the pattern wrong. Now listed on canvas designs is usually an instruction that says 'each line represents one square' now maybe because I do most of my stitching on aida I thought I understood this instruction and thought it was no big deal, apparently not. When looking at spinster stitchers paper pattern I looked at some random stitches and counted them up and then compared with what they looked like on the actual canvas and realized that I was counting the stitches on FL wrong. In particulate there are these little corner stitches in the centre of each square that I couldn't figure out what they were, I didn't think they were one square I thought they were 1/2 square and for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to stitch them on canvas and then every stitch after that was just one stitch more, well as it turns out those little stitches are actually one and I was miscounting by one on every single stitch and that is why each row wasn't lining thank you spinster stitcher for showing such a great pictures on your blog.

So with this knowledge I pulled out FL again and started putting in some stitches and they lined up!!! What I was doing was counting as if it was aida and counting each square on the paper pattern instead of the lines. The border around each square turned out to be 4 stitch not 3 which is what I was doing. Hurray, I'm so happy I finally figured this out. So I told myself that I am now ready to try FL again (if only it would fit into my schedule this year) and then as a cherry on top I was reading Three Cool Pugs and Me blog and Margie is doing a bunch of canvas designs to get her mojo back and low and behold FL is her current WIP and wouldn't you know it she has clickable pictures too so I was able to click on 2 of her WIP pictures and count the stitches from the section that I was working on and had the most trouble with and they match with what spinster stitcher taught me, they are 4 stitches not 3 and the little corner stitch is most definitely one stitch, so with extreme confidence now I know I can work on this design and finish it with no problems.

and here is my first squares completed LOL.
Now I know this was a long winded explanation for such a silly problem but I have to tell you this was really bothering me I couldn't understand how I could possibly screw this up and it was definitely playing in my mind that I was an idiot and wasn't a true crafter if I couldn't do the simplest thing like canvas designs. This also proves how great fellow bloggers are, without their blogs I wouldn't have figured out my problem and be enjoying the design again. Now off to continue stitching on Madonna. Thanks for listening

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Madonna of the Garden

As promised here are some WIP of Madonna. The first pictures are from June 5 & 6

I then decided to switch to the baby and try and finish the ruffles underneath which I hope to finish tonight. This is how far I got on that from last night

Well off to go stitching. Thanks for listening

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Run By Posting

Hello everyone

I am still linger around her LOL. I have been on such a roll with Madonna of the Garden that I haven't stopped to do a post about it or taken more than just one photo of her in so many weeks. I promise this weekend I will do a proper post with pictures. But for now I will park my ass in my chair and stitch like a demon and since the weather is stormy and rain right now I think this is a good plan. My plan is to be finished Madonna in about 6 weeks and with the way I'm going this is quite doable.

Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pretty Good Weekend

Well Madonna is just smoking along LOL. I was able to do the entire arch way above her head and 3/4 of the border down the side done this weekend. I would have gotten a lot more done but I decided to sew up my 7 dwarves as pillows and screwed up a bit and had to redo them, it seems that I didn't leave enough extra fabric on the sides and I became worried that if the aida started to fray (which it did in one case) I would lose the hem and the pillow would come apart, my inexperience came into play there. It's been so long since I used my sewing machine for anything but fixing a hem on my work pants that I couldn't for the life of me sew in a straight line, it looked straight while I was sewing but once I took if off the machine it definitely wasn't LOL but since these are cute little pillows you couldn't really tell that they aren't straight.
So I was able to finish all 7 I just need to fill them with fluff and hand sew the ends. I am still trying to figure out how to do this so I'm going to think on it for a couple days before trying one. I learned quite a lot from this sewing experience so next time I go about it I will be better prepared and will use the marking on the sewing machine table more, this time around I had so much extra fabric most of the time I couldn't see the marks, this of course will also help keep me the metal plate under the sewing foot called a table or is there another name for it? for the life of me I can't remember.
Anyway, back to Madonna I just have to do about 20 stitches on each side and then the bottom to finish the border off but before I move on to the next section I want to make sure everything matches up properly so I'm going to count up from the bottom of the design to a portion of the skirt that I've done in a couple locations to make sure everything matches up. I had 3 points of reference to match up the top section but the bottom is going into empty space and that always makes me nervous so I don't want to continue any stitching until I know everything is perfect.
Well thanks for listening. Once I finish the border I will probably post another WIP photo.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Status on Madonna

Hi everyone I have been very quiet of late, I just don't have anything to is fine, stitching is fine, home is okay but whatever LOL. So I will keep this short and sweet. I have been working like a demon on Madonna of the Garden by Mirabilia and I have 3 WIP pics for the last couple weeks

This picture above is from about 3 weeks ago, when I started concentrating on finishing her hair/flowers

Here is two weeks ago where I was adding some of the blue veil behind her head and some of the metallic halo

and here is from about 2 hours ago. I have finished her hair/flowers, I had to rip out a tiny spot that I will put back later, did some more of the blue veil, the fence behind her and now I've started on the arch that covers the entire design. My intention is to complete the entire arch plus the leaves and back stitching included, since it is a long weekend I think this is doable.

Thanks for listening

PS: the fabric I'm using is Griffon by Sugar Maple Fabrics, too bad the company no longer exists.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Productive past weekend

I don't know what it is about the nice weather I seems to have more energy to complete my tasks and can usually finish double the tasks then I would on a crappy day. This past weekend was just that type of day, I was able to fly through my tasks:
I did a fair amount of stitching on Madonna even though I really didn't pick up a needle all that much but I was quite productive. I almost did a finishes finish too but I need to purchase some cord. I've made my christmas tea cups into ornaments using these metal finish forms I purchased from Silver Needle last year, I thought I could just use ribbon and be done with it but now that I see the ornaments almost finished I definitely need cord to cover up the area where they join. So for now they are back in my cupboard until I get some cord, but the fact that I got that far in the finish is great.
I was also giving some time to my sewing machine which has been sorely neglected of late, I need to get some practice in since I will be sewing some of my designs into pillows and I don't want to ruin them just because I'm rusty. I also went to the second local quilt shop in town (the better one) and found all the fabric I needed to do all the finishes I dream/plan on doing currently. I had originally placed an online order with a shop in Kelowna but 4 out of the 6 fabrics I wanted she had sold out of so I cancelled my order and was back to the old drawing board, but thankfully I found everything I needed at the local shop, I even found this adorable beatrix potter bunny fabric for the back fabric of a pattern I haven't purchased yet! I plan on purchasing it for my birthday next month LOL.
I was able to be a bit of a handy man too, I have an attic door in my closet and the styrofoam had come loose as well as the door so with my father's help we were able to reattach the styrofoam and screw the door back into place so no more draft coming in.
And finally for mother's day I took my mom out to dinner and then we stopped off at a local bakery we haven't been to since my grandparents died, neither one of us can remember why we stopped's a damn good bakery. Then my sister stopped by for her quarterly (insert sarcasm here) visit to the parents. Don't get me wrong I love my sister to pieces but 1) she sucks the life out of a room 2) only visits the parents when she wants something and 3) has no understanding for a person's personally space, so I get annoyed with her about 15 mins into her visit and she doesn't know how to take a hint about it either. She had to go to the emergency room last week because of kidney stone pain and was showing us her bruises from the IV etc., which I could see clearly from across the room they were that big, she starts walking towards me pointing them out to me and then lifts her arm and puts the bruise to eye level as she's walking towards me and I say "Hey B I can see them just fine you don't need to get any closer" just as she's about to shove her arm into my face. She stayed for about 2 hours and actually gave my mom a gift she asked for, her M.O. with gift giving usually is to ignore the person's wishes and get them something they doesn't want or need it's usually a big problem with my mom especially so for her to actually get something mom asked for was a shock to say the least.
All in all it was a great weekend. Thanks for listening

Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Dance Photos

Winter Blackwork, by My Mark

The Nutcracker by CCN

Monday, of course is a stupid day

Has everyone taken a leave of their senses today. Some real dumb bunnies came to work today and a lot of hand holding is needed.....where are the envelopes? where does the out mail go?....same place it's been for the past 1.5 month that we have be here. I'm rushing through an assignment right now and I don't have time for your drama, you're a lawyer for goodness sakes deal with it yourself.

It also isn't polite to pace behind a secretary's desk while she's going through a rush letter that you want done, one of the lawyers was doing this to the other secretary and I could literally hear her grind her teeth in aggravation from my desk LOL. And then junior princess has a rush copy job for me to do and as I get into it she keeps on adding to the pile and instead of placing in on the desk she wants to hand deliver it to me while I'm in front of the copier, geeze lady can't you see the pile of documents on the table you just walk past...put the documents there and then she wants to tell me the story behind said documents, if this is suppose to be a rush job don't you think it would be a good idea to leave me the F@*~ alone so I can get it done.

Well I'm glad I got all of that off my chest before it ruined my day.

On the stitching front I finished Nutcracker on Saturday, I would have finished it on Friday but I made a mistake on the flowers and had to ripe them both out so I decided to go to bed early instead. On Saturday I took my mom on a shopping adventure to the local malls and then we went to the new quilt fabric shop, not very impressive I must say had more flannel fabric then anything else which is no help to me. There is another quilt shop in town that I haven't been to in awhile so I think I need to visit it now. When I came home I put in a movie and finished off Nutcracker in about on hour, it took a lot of strength not to jump head long into working on Madonna right then and there but I told myself no stitching on Saturday so instead I did some spring cleaning, did some reorganization, read a bit and of course some computer games it was a very lazy/productive weekend that I enjoyed very much.

Thanks for listening and hopefully I will remember to post my recent finishes tonight once I get them off my camera.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Post

So I took my own advise and literally locked myself in my room these past two nights and got some major stitching done, I literally have half a flower, three snowflakes and a couple pieces of backstitching and then I will be done my the nutcracker, I just don't understand what took me so long to get to this point. I was also able to complete a rather large non-stitching task last night which was really beginning to bother me and I still have energy leftover.

So I have a lot of little errands on Saturday so I will be doing getting those done and some reading instead of stitching so on Sunday/Monday I will start afresh with Madonna as my next project. The idea of working on Madonna is quite refreshing since I haven't touched it in so long it will be like working on a new project again and with the huge blocks of the same color it will be quite relaxing, which is what I need right now. I do like working on pictures with huge blocks of colors, the color slowly creeps out and then bam it grows into a sleeve, skirt, wing etc. my only problem is when it's a light color on a light fabric like my problem with summer fairy spirit the yellows 744 & 745 are on blue/white cloud material from Silkweaver and it's very difficult on my eyes right now because the skirt is half in a white patch, I know it will look great in the end because of that but my eyes aren't very happy. With Madonna the colors will be purple/mauves, green blue on a grey/green fabric called Griffon from Sugar Maple and it looks fabulous so far, I really took a chance with the fabric choice and it's paying off. So hopefully by mid week I will have a progress picture to post or maybe when I post finish pics of Winter Blackwork and The Nutcracker I will also post a picture of Madonna.

So there's a new quilting fabric shop that opened on up in town about a month ago so I'm going to try and convince my mom to go shopping with me and check it out. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Status

Well I figured it was time to drop another line, I'm still not very chatty but whatever, I'm still stitching, sort of LOL.

I finished a small pattern last Saturday, it took about 1.5 weeks to finish which is kind of surprising since I thought I could finish it in one day. It is called Winter Blackwork by My Mark, I used the DMC conversion included in pattern and I also changed out one color too because I found it was to light on the white aida I was using. I will be making this design into a pinkeep when I get a chance.

I am also about 2 days away from finishing The Nutcracker from Country Cottage Needlework and hopefully I can stay on this course, since I've been so distracted lately there is always the chance I won't finish it in two days.

After Nutcracker my next project is suppose to be finishing Summer Fairy Spirit, which is a lingering WIP, but I'm contemplating scrapping my entire rotation list and just starting something fresh but not necessarily a new start, something that will recharge my battery so I won't be so distracted, but first I think I will take the weekend off and see what that does for my stitching.

Maybe Madonna of the Garden would be a good choice, I haven't stitched on her in about one year.

Well thanks for listening.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Where have I been

I can’t believe I have only posted once in April, tsk tsk tsk on my part. I haven’t been overly busy but obviously enough to not post anything. So lets see what have I been up to…….

Well I got my tax refund and purchased a new DVD player, and a 32” flat screen TV. I got my right side eye tooth capped and thankfully it was cheaper than what my dentist quoted me so I was able to purchase some new DVD’s with the difference. I used to have a VHS/DVD combo and now it’s just a DVD player so there are some videos I need to replace so the dental money helped me do that.

I am on the verge of finishing 3 patterns so I’m very excited about that. I have switched up my rotation again, it wasn’t like the other way wasn’t working for me I just wanted to work on the patterns longer then I was able to on the rotation before. So now I will be working on the patterns on train and home instead of one for each; to be honest I always like to do it this way but certain projects are too big or can't get dirty so they can't go on the train and I need to make time for them. So this altered rotation should enable me to finish them faster and the ones that can’t be worked on the train I have picked a corresponding smaller pattern to be worked on the train at the same time, to help speed things along. I’m was getting kind of getting twitchy to work on a new pattern so this is another reason I fiddled with my rotation so I wouldn't start a new one.

The new office is fabulous, we have now been in the new place for a month and we can’t get over how overly cheery and comfortable the place is compared to the old location we aren't exactly back up to being 100% productive but it's getting there.

We I can’t think of anything else to say so thanks for listening.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

An Easter finish & a WIP

I am having such a productive Easter Holiday, all the tasks that I put off because I was too exhausted to do them while moving the office are being ticked off my To Do list in record speed.

As well I am finally been able to post a WIP of my train picture, which is It's Cold Outside by Blue Ribbon Designs. It is a really cute design and I really enjoy working on it.

As well this afternoon I was able to finish Letter M by Nora Corbett, I really like this design, it is definitely a quick finish if you actually concentrate and work on it for more than 10 minutes a day LOL which is what my problem was, I just couldn't give it the time it deserved until this past week.

Well my rotation is now changing, I will be working on Summer Fairy Spirit by Passione Ricamo and Falling Leaves by Laura J. Perin, which is a canvas design at home.

For some reason I'm not getting the canvas stitching right and have had to tear out the same section about 3 times now. So after reading various blogs of people who work on canvas and cross stitch I have changed the way I'm going to work on the design. I am going to do each square one at a time instead of doing the border color, then the corners etc. and I've also put down pencil lines on the canvas to make sure I'm where I'm suppose to be, so hopefully this will assist in understanding canvas, I have 6 other designs so I better figure out a way to working on canvas with an easy design so I don't make a mess out of the other more complicated ones.

I have also made the pictures of my rotation designs click able for people to take a closer look. I thought I had already done this but one of my readers let me know she could, so hopefully I've fixed this for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time is flying

I have been very quiet of late because I've been stitching!!!! I am so close to being finished Letter M that I have put my second home rotation piece away until I'm finished, as of last night all that is left is the wings, upper body/wing backstitching and then the beading so I can definitely see myself finishing it over the Easter holidays.

I have also decided to switch out Egyptian Garden from my rotation for awhile, the over one in the pond area was getting on my nerves so I decided it was time to take a break. I'm disappointed I didn't get more done on it but I will definitely switch back to it in a month or two. So I have gone back to Summer Fairy Spirit, it is really screaming at me right now, I think the reason I put it down in the first place was because I was working on it before Christmas/January when I was really upset about Pookie's death and my heart hurt to work on it. Now I feel much better about the pattern so it's back in the rotation. If I stick to the pattern I should be able to finish it in another month or month and a half.

I am still working on It's cold outside by Blue Ribbon Designs on the train and it's very fun to work on I am doing each block one at a time which gives be little finishes every couple days, which is great, so I don't get an opportunity to feel bogged down my the design.

Other than that everything is pretty quiet for me which is what I like. Work is great the new office is wonderful to come to everyday and the nice little walk to and from the train is definitely something I need in my quest to get more fresh air and exercise since I sit in front of a computer everyday.

Thanks for listen

Monday, March 22, 2010

Best Laid Plan

My plan this past weekend was to finish Holly Teacup and then work on Letter M. Well I forgot I was going to the dentist on Saturday and instead of getting one needle of freezing I needed 3. So stitching was slow to come by and it took a little longer to finish Holly teacup but I finalized finished it YAYAYA.

No work was done on Letter M though, so I can only show you the progress I made on Letter M from last week.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A run by posting

Sorry I’ve been so quiet. I am just exhausted!!!!!!!!

Movers came on Monday @ around 3:30 pm to start moving our stuff, they didn’t have access to the elevators until 5:00 pm so there was some waiting. The support staff of course left at around 4:20 because there was nothing we could do anymore and we were getting in the way. The movers were suppose to be finished by 10:00 pm but they weren’t finished until midnight, one of the reasons is that the old building security closed the loading dock on the movers so they had to track someone down to open it up again and apparently it was quite crazy.

Tuesday was quite a busy day reorganizing ourselves and unpacking, by the end of the day my legs and feet were burning and I was sore in places I didn’t know I could be sore LOL.

As of today I think we are 85% put together, there are still some piles of crap that we don’t know why we packed and moved in the first place and we are trying to find places for some things. At the old place we had 2 spare offices so all the stuff that lived in the spare offices needs a new home here, and of course there are endless piles of filing to go through and crap people left on the printer before we left but all in all I think we are pretty set. I haven’t actually done any work just yet but at least I can see my desk.

Because I’ve been so exhausted I haven’t touched any stitch all week. I either play computer games which doesn’t require any brain use or I’ve just reclined in my chair watching TV (I'm really just staring at my eye lids), I also wind up falling asleep on the train to and from work so I’m not at all surprised that I haven’t stitched I really don’t want to frog everything back out again next week because of mistakes I make this week so it’s just safer that I don’t stitch at all. But I was able to stitch on Letter M on the weekend before the madness hit and got a lot done. I take a picture of my progress every Sunday so either I will post last Sunday’s picture tonight or just wait until next Monday and post both progress pictures. And as for progress on my train picture HAHAHAHA that too is laughable I don’t remember the last time I touched it. I am going to pull it out tonight and work on it instead of EG, it truly is a quick finish type of pattern that I can’t believe I haven’t finished already, there are no beads, no metallic just basic stitching and I really would like to move on to another train project so I figure 4 hours tonight and I should be done, I'm dieing to start my next train picture.

Well not much else to say. Hopefully when things get back to normal so will my blogging.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Well its been a couple dates since my last post, I didn't have anything really to say and I was still feeling pretty crappy. But now things are getting back to normal and stitching is even getting done.

On top of being sick I have also been extremely busy at work. We are moving our office on Monday which now that I'm saying it I don't think I've mentioned this before, our lease is up at the end of the month, but we will be officially moving as of the 15, it was hard to get into the groove until we got the boxes, we were basically closing files & shifting piles of paper around so it looked like we were doing something LOL but now with the boxes here I'm hoping to make a dent in the packing. The only problem is the office is still open & actual file work still needs to get done & one of the lawyers is still screaming out assignments which is really annoying since she hasn't packed anything in her office yet, so the other secretary and I are getting kind of panicking with all that needs to be done in the next 4 days, and then this morning the female lawyer thought it would be a great idea if we all took Monday morning off since the movers can't move our stuff until 5:00 pm.....Uh Hello the chances of her office being packed on time are slim to none and I definitely think we will still be packing come Monday morning. I'm just glad we are only moving about 3 blocks so there is no travel time for the furniture to get stuck in. Don't get me wrong I'm really looking forward to the new office it's just the stress beforehand.

On the stitching front I have actually gotten some done this past week and quite a few of my chores as well. I have also been fiddling with my rotation. I'm currently working on Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine & I'm really enjoying it so I don't want to put it down but since it's such a large design nothing else will get done while I work on it and I know that will begin to bother me soon so I have decided to work on two pieces at home at the same time, trying to have the best of both worlds. The priority will of course be EG which I will work on on Monday - Thursday & Friday - Sunday is currently Letter M from Nora Corbett. The Friday's picture will be the picture that changes frequently depending on the speed of my finishes. My theory is that since EG is so large so if I don't work on it for a couple days it won't matter or make me feel bad, so working on it during the week is a perfect fit which leaves the other home picture to be worked on Friday - Sunday making it a potential quicker finish since that time will be somewhat uninterrupted. So long story short stay with a picture I enjoy working on and still get the finishes I like which I have been lacking of late. So here are EG and Letter M as of last night

I am also working on a very old WIP on the train, it is 3/4 finished so it shouldn't take long & I can't believe I let it linger so long but its using one strand of thread on 18 count which is what I did when I first started stitching & now I dislike doing it that way, now normally I would just start it again but the design is 1 of 3 & I've already done the other 2, so I will stick with it and make all three into ornaments.

Well that's it for now hopefully my progress picture will come more frequently now.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Well, the Olympics have come to an end here in Vancouver and we are all sad to see it go. The festivities were a lot of fun. I was able to go to one more special location before the end. I was able to go to North Vancouver and see the Russian Tall Ship that had come to Vancouver for the Olympics.

Other than that since I’ve been so sick I have basically lingered around the office hacking a lung up and then going home to bed, while watching Olympic coverage of course. LOL.

While watching all the TV coverage I was able to finish a cross stitch picture…..FINALLY the first one of 2010, which is Lamb Musing by Shepherd’s Bush.

I am now currently working on Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine at home and still Christmas Quaker by ByGone stitching on the train.

Well I don’t have anything else to say and my head is fogging up, so until next time.