Wednesday, January 20, 2010

There Be Stitching!!!!!

I have actually picked up Summer Fairy Spirit LOL. The technique of pushing all my tasks to the weekend worked to some degree, but there were some tasks that I couldn't handle waiting till the weekend to complete so they continue to be worked on/finished during the week. I am still super tired all the time but it has now become manageable and I do feel refreshed when I wake up in the morning so I'm obviously doing something right and know it will get better once I'm in a better routine.

Anyway I just got some stash in the mail yesterday so I will be putting everything away tonight and then hopefully some more stitching will be done...If not I can catch up on the weekend. I have moved over to work on the branch and leaves of the design because the 3 yellows I was working on weren't doing anything for me.

I purchased all the silks I need for Caribbean by Chatelaine (which I won't work on for awhile yet), some Mill Hill kits, JBW, Lavender Wing designs, crescent color threads, 2 canvas designs and Sabrina by Mirabilia along with some fabric........I loving getting stash!!!!!

Well bye for now.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

So little stitching again!!

What can I say 2010 is starting off to be a very uneventful year for me. I’m still in a stitching funk….not a stump because I’m still stitching just a little bit here and there and definitely not everyday, my only saving grace is I know PR fairy spirit designs are always quick to stitch so I know once I put my mind to it I can get a lot accomplished and fast.

I am also having my other issues which are affecting my stitching. One is issues is that I have pushed off so many of my other non stitch related tasks that they are now screaming and hollering at me and I can't relax until I have dealt with them and some are taking longer then I thought they would, so at the end of the day I feel very non-productive.

My other issue is sleep I can’t seem to get enough so I’ve slept in everyday for the last 2 weeks (since I went back to work), luckily I car pool with my father so I never miss my train *knock on wood* but it’s getting ridiculous, I know I should be going to bed earlier to help deal with this problem but I have so many things to do that it’s getting impossible to go to bed at a reasonable hour for me which of course makes the situation so much worse. I have actually decided to push ½ of my tasks to the weekend just so I can force myself to go to bed early. I know all of this just sounds silly……that I’m being controlled by my tasks. But when you have to stare at it everyday it definitely gets to you. Let’s just hope I get a lot done this weekend so I can stitch and go to bed at a decent hour and get back to my original schedule I had before Christmas. My secondary problem is because I’m tense and exhausted from lack of sleep I’m not hungry so eating lunch and thinking what to make/have for dinner is a chore in itself and I’m basically doing it on autopilot right now and my stomach is protesting this. On the whole January is passing me by in a blur and I’m not liking it.

Well I’m just a ball of fun in this post LOL. Thanks for listening.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Simply boring

I am plugging away on Summer Fairy Spirit when I get a chance to work on her but I'm just not impressed with what I have accomplished so far, I wonder if I was in a better frame of mind whether what I have done would impress me. As it is I'm just not feeling it and I'm stopping myself from starting another picture because I know the problem is me not the picture. I am also feeling under the weather and can't seem to get a good night sleep so that isn't helping the situation either. I wouldn't say I'm in a slump but given an opportunity to do something else besides cross stitch I usually pick the latter.

I have decided to make a reading list this year too, I am an avid read and my current favorite books are historical romances but in the last year or so I have maybe read one book every 3 months which is pretty sad since I have still been buying my favorite books just not reading them. So to go along with my book shelf on my blog which I put up last year my self imposed goal this year is to read at least 2 books per month from my ever growing "to read" pile. If I read at least 1/2 of that goal I'll be very happy.

So what have I been doing in 2010??? I have been mostly watching the DVD's I got for Christmas and cleaning house, for whatever reason the slightest bit of clutter around me has been driving me batty so I had to deal with it or go insane. We also found the perfect container to house Pookie's blankets, clothes, dishes, harnesses, leashes and toys, it turned out to be much larger then we though. It was funny to see all the blankets we had collected over the years for her and how often she was found curled up in one of them, 90% of the pictures of her are in a blanket, it was all about the blankets for her LOL. I'm not exactly sure what we intend to do with the stuff but for now it's under my bed.

We are still on the fence about getting another dog, but at least my mom can look at other small dogs and puppies and not start crying. We are still worried that right now our expectations are to have the same style relationship that we had with pookie with a different dog and I know that wouldn't be fair to a new dog. I told my mother until we can distinguish between doggie traits that we like our dogs to have and the cute pookie traits we loved we aren't ready for a new dog. The only things we have decided we wanted IF we get another dog is #1 a lap dog, we have never been a big dog family, the two dogs I can remember us having while growing up were no bigger than 12lbs, #2 be a terrier type, mom loves the features of a terrier, #3 cross breeds are fine, to be quite honest that's all we have had so why mess with a good thing. I think everything else is negotiable. There is also the possibility of trying to get two puppies so they can keep each other company but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First True Update

This is my first true update of 2010. I started working on Summer Fairy Spirit by Passione Ricamo but I haven't really had a chance to sit down and really stitch on her so unfortunately this is all I have done on her after 4 days.

Hopefully this weekend I will get more time.

And as promised here is my finished picture of Deck the Halls by Just Nan, there is suppose to be a gold charm in the centre but it's huge and awkward looking so I opted not to add it.

Don't you just love my long list of potential WIP on the right side, I have listed all the patterns I can choose from this year with no expectation to actually finish them all but hopefully since they will be staring me in the face all year I won't want to start anything else.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another Run by Posting

I'm just stopping by to say I finished Just Nan's Deck the Halls. Technically I finished it in 2010 but since I only was doing the beading in 2010 but the actually cross stitching was completed in 2009 I'm calling it a 2009 finish so my final total is 19 for 2009 the most I have ever done in a year. This year I have decided not to even set a goal of finishes because I always seem to break it so why bother, I'm just going to jump from project to project and see what happens. The only thing that I want to do this year is some actual finishes I have all the supplies for a couple flat folds and pinkeeps and biscornu I just have to sit down and actually do them, so that is my only goal.

Well hopefully tomorrow I will have time to upload the final picture of Deck the Halls and post it, also before I forget to say my new project now is Passione Ricamo's Summer Fairy Spirit hopefully I can post a WIP picture tomorrow too.

Thanks for listening.