Thursday, January 14, 2010

So little stitching again!!

What can I say 2010 is starting off to be a very uneventful year for me. I’m still in a stitching funk….not a stump because I’m still stitching just a little bit here and there and definitely not everyday, my only saving grace is I know PR fairy spirit designs are always quick to stitch so I know once I put my mind to it I can get a lot accomplished and fast.

I am also having my other issues which are affecting my stitching. One is issues is that I have pushed off so many of my other non stitch related tasks that they are now screaming and hollering at me and I can't relax until I have dealt with them and some are taking longer then I thought they would, so at the end of the day I feel very non-productive.

My other issue is sleep I can’t seem to get enough so I’ve slept in everyday for the last 2 weeks (since I went back to work), luckily I car pool with my father so I never miss my train *knock on wood* but it’s getting ridiculous, I know I should be going to bed earlier to help deal with this problem but I have so many things to do that it’s getting impossible to go to bed at a reasonable hour for me which of course makes the situation so much worse. I have actually decided to push ½ of my tasks to the weekend just so I can force myself to go to bed early. I know all of this just sounds silly……that I’m being controlled by my tasks. But when you have to stare at it everyday it definitely gets to you. Let’s just hope I get a lot done this weekend so I can stitch and go to bed at a decent hour and get back to my original schedule I had before Christmas. My secondary problem is because I’m tense and exhausted from lack of sleep I’m not hungry so eating lunch and thinking what to make/have for dinner is a chore in itself and I’m basically doing it on autopilot right now and my stomach is protesting this. On the whole January is passing me by in a blur and I’m not liking it.

Well I’m just a ball of fun in this post LOL. Thanks for listening.

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