Wednesday, January 20, 2010

There Be Stitching!!!!!

I have actually picked up Summer Fairy Spirit LOL. The technique of pushing all my tasks to the weekend worked to some degree, but there were some tasks that I couldn't handle waiting till the weekend to complete so they continue to be worked on/finished during the week. I am still super tired all the time but it has now become manageable and I do feel refreshed when I wake up in the morning so I'm obviously doing something right and know it will get better once I'm in a better routine.

Anyway I just got some stash in the mail yesterday so I will be putting everything away tonight and then hopefully some more stitching will be done...If not I can catch up on the weekend. I have moved over to work on the branch and leaves of the design because the 3 yellows I was working on weren't doing anything for me.

I purchased all the silks I need for Caribbean by Chatelaine (which I won't work on for awhile yet), some Mill Hill kits, JBW, Lavender Wing designs, crescent color threads, 2 canvas designs and Sabrina by Mirabilia along with some fabric........I loving getting stash!!!!!

Well bye for now.

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