Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Olympic Adventure

First off the Olympic Cauldron, I think this is a great picture if I do say so myself. There has been a lot of controversy over the cauldron being behind a metal fence, but I don't have a problem with that, think of the graffiti that someone could have put on it by now if there wasn't a fence in the way, as well the cauldron is made of glass and I can see some juvenile trying to climb on it and hurt themselves.

This is a beautiful Native carving which is on display at one of our local hotels.

I went to the Royal Canadian Mint Pavilion where they had the Olympic metals that you could hold and get your picture taken with if you wanted to stand in line for 4 hours, which isn't something I wanted to do. So I just checked out the rest of the Pavilion with some lovely coins with beautiful etchings and colors and one of the has diamonds in the coin as well.

The coin I actually came to see was the 3 Million dollar Loonie, it is huge.

This is the line to Sochi House before it opened at noon, surprisingly it didn't take long to get inside.

The count down clock for the 2014 Winter Games.

A small replica of what the Olympic venues will look like in Sochi in 2014

Some shots of the Olympic Village. I wanted to go to the other side and take some more pictures but with me being so sick I have been staying close to the office and conserving my strength.

Native Dancers at the Four Host Nation Pavilion

More Native dancers posing for the cameras

While walking back to my office I came across this cute little display, I have no idea what the purpose is but it's cute.

And this is a Native woman wearing her button blanket outside of a carving house, I think these blankets are beautiful. As you can tell a Native theme was intertwined throughout the Vancouver Winter Olympics which I think is a beautiful touch, since there are so many Native lines in this province you can't explain British Columbia to the world without explaining about our Native heritage.


I am so sorry for my lack of posting!!!!

I took oodles of Olympic pictures but I have been sicker than a dog these past couple days so I haven’t looked at any of the pictures since I took them last Thursday (I actually took a day off and played tourist), I also finally finished a cross stitch picture a couple days ago.

So my plan tonight after work is to post some of my Olympic picture for you all, so stay tuned tonight.

PS My heart is going out to Joannie Rochette Canadian figure skater, tonight is the long program. It's not about a medal for her, tonight she is skating for her mom.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Pictures

I have been so busy that I wasn't able to post my pre-Olympic so better late then never

Canadian Bobsleigh on display in front of Vancouver Art Gallery

Log House in front of Art Gallery, not sure what it's there for LOL.

Royal Bank advertisement which is pretty cool, my office is directly opposite that building.

Olympic count down clock from last week.

And here are some pics of people from various countries that I was able to get my camera out in time.

Great Britain

Russia wearing their Sochi 2014 jacket

Russia, what they had on when they entered the opening ceremony. I also so Brazil and the Ukraine but was unable to get my camera out fast enough.

Here above is the CTV TV station who are the official TV station for this Olympics and a outdoor station they set up.

Here are some shots of the outdoor skating rink and the design they have painted on the stairs which I think is really cool.

and here are the shots of the torch relay near my office that I got to see on Friday the 12th about 4 hours before the opening ceremony. And look at the crowd, it was just madness LOL

My plan for the next 2 weeks is to go and see some the Pavilions that that been set up around town to represent various country and provinces I've made a list and hopefully I can do everything on my list.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Olympic Coverage

I was able to find a video of the torch relay from my hometown if anyone is interested in viewing it. Let me know if the link doesn't work since this is the first time I've done one on my blog.

Maple Ridge News - Memorial Peace Park turns red and white to honour Olympic flame visit

PS I gave my godson his mittens and t-shirt last night, it was pretty funny, apparently he loves mittens so we had to put them on his right away then he started flapping his hands. He couldn't understand why we were laughing at him LOL.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Olympics are coming, the Olympics are coming!!!!

So Sorry for the lack of Olympic photo’s I’ve been so busy at work that I haven’t had a chance to go to the sights around my office and the ones that I have seen have been at night in a moving vehicle so they aren’t the greatest and now this morning it was cloudy and foggy so some of the pictures I wanted to get weren't very good so I thought I’ll would hold off for a day or two and see if it gets better.

I have run across a couple athletes on my journey to work though. On Friday night there were a couple Finnish athletes on the train going home, they looked about 17 so I’m thinking they were figure skaters, off the top of my head I can’t think of what other sport would have such young athletes. I had heard earlier in the week that some athletes were staying in the Valley till closer to the opening but I was still surprised to see them and then this morning I was behind a Russian athlete at Starbucks LOL I guess no matter what country you are from you got to have your Starbucks coffee in the morning.

After Lunch:

So I now have all my Olympic memorabilia - mittens, scarf and mini mascot stuffed animals and some pins. I even purchased a pair of Olympic mitts for my godson and a Canadian T-shirt for his 1st birthday which I will add to the other clothes I purchased this weekend, but I think I’m going to take the Olympic stuff over to his mommy early so he can wear the stuff now while watching some Olympic coverage with his dad or grandpa LOL

So I went out for my lunch to get some Olympic gear and left my camera at the office and then the sun come....oh crap so I didn't take any pictures of the Olympic sites, like in front of the Vancouver Art gallery they have a Canadian Bobsled …. I hope it’s still out there tomorrow. I was able to get some pictures on my blackberry at The Bay which is the official sponsor for all the clothes and merchandise but they were really crappy. All of the mascot stuff is so cute and I could really go crazy getting stuff for my godson but I know my best friend would kill me if I did. And besides the prices they are asking for some of this stuff is ridicules even if it is Olympic stuff.

So I bypassed the torch in my home town this morning, I choose to take my train to Vancouver instead of watching the torch, simply put because I didn't want to get stuck on a bus for 90 mins and be late when I could be on a comfy train arriving on time. I will be going to work early on Friday so I can witness the torch in Vancouver instead, it will arrive about 830 - 845 and my usual train doesn't get in till 900 so earlier train it is. They released the names this morning of some of the torch bearers in the next coming day: Astronaut Julie Payette will be carrying the torch on Wednesday in North Vancouver, Thursday afternoon singer Jann Arden will do her run by BC Children's Hospital as well as former Vancouver Canuck Richard Brodeur and singer Michael Buble will be sometime on Thursday as well. They haven't released the names completely for Friday actually all the torch bearers have been kept really quiet including who will be lighting the flame BUT we do know that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be carrying the torch through Stanley Park as a representative of the Special Olympics on Friday which I think is a great idea, then Sebastion Cole who is a former track star and who is also a member of the London 2012 organizing committee will carry it and then Rolly Fox father of Terry Fox will do the torch near English Bay around 8 am and Walter Gretzky will have the torch about 20 mins after him. Then around noon 3 former athletes from Vancouver will carry the torch Former Canuck Stan Smyl, Bob Lenarduzzi of the Vancouver Whitecaps (soccer team) , and Lui Passaglia of the B.C. Lions (football). So what happens after lunch until 4:00 PST when the opening ceremony's start here in Vancouver is any ones guess. There still are quite a few Canadian celebs who's names have been mentioned for the last couple months that I haven't seen yet so maybe they will be on Friday. They are Wayne Gretzky, Trevor Lindon who we in BC lovingly call him Captain Canuck, he is the former captain of the Vancouver Canuck's hockey team and an avid supporter of Canuck Place and other children's charities, Michael J. Fox I'm not sure his health is the greatest for this so maybe his kids can help him or represent him and finally Betty Fox who is the mother of Terry Fox, she has really gone out of her way to keep Terry Fox's memory alive and is quite the figure head for the Terry Fox run to raise money for Cancer Research. So anyway I guess I should just shut up and show you the pictures I have.

Here are pics of the security cruise ships the one is the day time is really bad, I was at the wrong angle on a moving train.

Here is Canada Place which is housing all the international media for their broadcasts as well as various currency kiosks.

And here is one of the Olympic volunteers who I ride the train home with, he let me take his picture with him in his gear, cover up his security pass of course. I hope to have more pics for you tomorrow.

This post wouldn't be complete without some craft pictures so here is the latest WIP of Summer Fairy Spirit, which I'm currently not speaking to LOL.

So I have moved on to Quaker Christmas and I finished page 2 last night
And finally the first picture of the canvas I'm working on called Falling Leaves by Laura J. Perin

I had to remove the bottom row of stitching because it wasn't snug like the other two but other than that I think the design is going fine.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Current Projects

Well I am turning out to be my own distraction, I am still currently stitching Summer Fairy Spirit but just not as much time is being given to it as before because I have caught the canvas stitching bug, actually it has been a slow growing bug ever since Laura J. Perin came out with her Box of Ornament design which I of course had to purchase right away, without understanding the supplies needed to complete the design or what canvas work actually entailed, but I figured I would just run with it. Needless to say while searching for all the supplies needed for said pattern I came across a couple more I was interested in try which I then purchased and now am the proud owner of 3 canvas designs with my eye on 4 more.

I have been distracted this last week or two trying to decide on my next set of purchases of canvas designs. My only complaint so far with canvas designs is no one seems to list any supplies for them when they advertise the pattern, and since I live in Canada and finding a shop that carries Caron threads or the various types of Rainbow Gallery threads are hard to find so I kind of need that information for when I place an online order. I prefer to purchase my patterns and supplies together so when the mood strikes me to start something I’m not hindered with having to buy supplies.

I started my first canvas piece on Monday, I picked Falling Leaves by Laura J. Perin and so far so good. I needed my mother’s help with attaching the canvas to my new stretch bars since I’ve never used them before (my mother used to work only on stretch bars when she first started stitching), the tacking down of the canvas is pretty interesting I must say, pulling and tacking without killing your thumbs is something I haven’t learned to master just yet. I was able to put in two rows before noticed a mistake and had to frog a bit, also I didn't like the tension I had in one of the corners of the canvas so I removed the tacks and fixing it, it's still not the best but I'll work with it, I've put it away for a couple days while I work on other projects so hopefully the next time I talk about it there will be pictures.

Maybe this weekend I will have some stitching and Olympic pics to show people.

Thanks for listening

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vancouver 2010

Here in Vancouver Olympic fever is deafening. Shiny new signs, maps, Olympic logos are everywhere and I saw my first Olympic worker today all decked out in his florescent blue jump suit. We have three cruise ships in port which are housing the security people and there will be another cruise ship for the reporters and guests as a floating hotel. There are police etc. going up and down all the waterways and apparently there are security cameras everywhere that were all turned on February 1st. everyone in my office has noticed either news media or foreign groups in the last couple weeks so we know some people have already arrived in town and more will be coming daily. The Olympic Village doesn’t open till the 4th so I completely understand why these athletics are not wanting to pay for extra hotel accommodations by arriving really early so after the 4th it will probably be a mad house here. The Olympic torch will past through my hometown on Monday the 8th but I will be a work *sigh* but the torch will be going right past my office’s front door on the 10th or 11th so I might come to work early that day so I can see it. So I might acted like a tourist and walk around Vancouver and take some Olympic themed pictures in the next couple days and post them.

Well hopefully tonight I will have another post with stitch pictures. LOL