Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Current Projects

Well I am turning out to be my own distraction, I am still currently stitching Summer Fairy Spirit but just not as much time is being given to it as before because I have caught the canvas stitching bug, actually it has been a slow growing bug ever since Laura J. Perin came out with her Box of Ornament design which I of course had to purchase right away, without understanding the supplies needed to complete the design or what canvas work actually entailed, but I figured I would just run with it. Needless to say while searching for all the supplies needed for said pattern I came across a couple more I was interested in try which I then purchased and now am the proud owner of 3 canvas designs with my eye on 4 more.

I have been distracted this last week or two trying to decide on my next set of purchases of canvas designs. My only complaint so far with canvas designs is no one seems to list any supplies for them when they advertise the pattern, and since I live in Canada and finding a shop that carries Caron threads or the various types of Rainbow Gallery threads are hard to find so I kind of need that information for when I place an online order. I prefer to purchase my patterns and supplies together so when the mood strikes me to start something I’m not hindered with having to buy supplies.

I started my first canvas piece on Monday, I picked Falling Leaves by Laura J. Perin and so far so good. I needed my mother’s help with attaching the canvas to my new stretch bars since I’ve never used them before (my mother used to work only on stretch bars when she first started stitching), the tacking down of the canvas is pretty interesting I must say, pulling and tacking without killing your thumbs is something I haven’t learned to master just yet. I was able to put in two rows before noticed a mistake and had to frog a bit, also I didn't like the tension I had in one of the corners of the canvas so I removed the tacks and fixing it, it's still not the best but I'll work with it, I've put it away for a couple days while I work on other projects so hopefully the next time I talk about it there will be pictures.

Maybe this weekend I will have some stitching and Olympic pics to show people.

Thanks for listening

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Rachel S said...

Can't wait to see your efforts. I like canvaswork, but I'm not sure if I can do it