Sunday, February 14, 2010

More Pictures

I have been so busy that I wasn't able to post my pre-Olympic so better late then never

Canadian Bobsleigh on display in front of Vancouver Art Gallery

Log House in front of Art Gallery, not sure what it's there for LOL.

Royal Bank advertisement which is pretty cool, my office is directly opposite that building.

Olympic count down clock from last week.

And here are some pics of people from various countries that I was able to get my camera out in time.

Great Britain

Russia wearing their Sochi 2014 jacket

Russia, what they had on when they entered the opening ceremony. I also so Brazil and the Ukraine but was unable to get my camera out fast enough.

Here above is the CTV TV station who are the official TV station for this Olympics and a outdoor station they set up.

Here are some shots of the outdoor skating rink and the design they have painted on the stairs which I think is really cool.

and here are the shots of the torch relay near my office that I got to see on Friday the 12th about 4 hours before the opening ceremony. And look at the crowd, it was just madness LOL

My plan for the next 2 weeks is to go and see some the Pavilions that that been set up around town to represent various country and provinces I've made a list and hopefully I can do everything on my list.


Blu said...

Great pictures! Have fun at the pavilions~

Rachel S said...

Those are great photos!