Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vancouver 2010

Here in Vancouver Olympic fever is deafening. Shiny new signs, maps, Olympic logos are everywhere and I saw my first Olympic worker today all decked out in his florescent blue jump suit. We have three cruise ships in port which are housing the security people and there will be another cruise ship for the reporters and guests as a floating hotel. There are police etc. going up and down all the waterways and apparently there are security cameras everywhere that were all turned on February 1st. everyone in my office has noticed either news media or foreign groups in the last couple weeks so we know some people have already arrived in town and more will be coming daily. The Olympic Village doesn’t open till the 4th so I completely understand why these athletics are not wanting to pay for extra hotel accommodations by arriving really early so after the 4th it will probably be a mad house here. The Olympic torch will past through my hometown on Monday the 8th but I will be a work *sigh* but the torch will be going right past my office’s front door on the 10th or 11th so I might come to work early that day so I can see it. So I might acted like a tourist and walk around Vancouver and take some Olympic themed pictures in the next couple days and post them.

Well hopefully tonight I will have another post with stitch pictures. LOL


Blu said...

You're so lucky to be there while it happens. A friend of mine offered to put me up for a few days, but school gets in the way of so many things.
Keep up posted with lots of pictures!

April Mechelle said...

Yes, Please post some olympic pictures. I will be watching on TV!! April In Alabama.