Friday, March 19, 2010

A run by posting

Sorry I’ve been so quiet. I am just exhausted!!!!!!!!

Movers came on Monday @ around 3:30 pm to start moving our stuff, they didn’t have access to the elevators until 5:00 pm so there was some waiting. The support staff of course left at around 4:20 because there was nothing we could do anymore and we were getting in the way. The movers were suppose to be finished by 10:00 pm but they weren’t finished until midnight, one of the reasons is that the old building security closed the loading dock on the movers so they had to track someone down to open it up again and apparently it was quite crazy.

Tuesday was quite a busy day reorganizing ourselves and unpacking, by the end of the day my legs and feet were burning and I was sore in places I didn’t know I could be sore LOL.

As of today I think we are 85% put together, there are still some piles of crap that we don’t know why we packed and moved in the first place and we are trying to find places for some things. At the old place we had 2 spare offices so all the stuff that lived in the spare offices needs a new home here, and of course there are endless piles of filing to go through and crap people left on the printer before we left but all in all I think we are pretty set. I haven’t actually done any work just yet but at least I can see my desk.

Because I’ve been so exhausted I haven’t touched any stitch all week. I either play computer games which doesn’t require any brain use or I’ve just reclined in my chair watching TV (I'm really just staring at my eye lids), I also wind up falling asleep on the train to and from work so I’m not at all surprised that I haven’t stitched I really don’t want to frog everything back out again next week because of mistakes I make this week so it’s just safer that I don’t stitch at all. But I was able to stitch on Letter M on the weekend before the madness hit and got a lot done. I take a picture of my progress every Sunday so either I will post last Sunday’s picture tonight or just wait until next Monday and post both progress pictures. And as for progress on my train picture HAHAHAHA that too is laughable I don’t remember the last time I touched it. I am going to pull it out tonight and work on it instead of EG, it truly is a quick finish type of pattern that I can’t believe I haven’t finished already, there are no beads, no metallic just basic stitching and I really would like to move on to another train project so I figure 4 hours tonight and I should be done, I'm dieing to start my next train picture.

Well not much else to say. Hopefully when things get back to normal so will my blogging.

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