Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Post

So I took my own advise and literally locked myself in my room these past two nights and got some major stitching done, I literally have half a flower, three snowflakes and a couple pieces of backstitching and then I will be done my the nutcracker, I just don't understand what took me so long to get to this point. I was also able to complete a rather large non-stitching task last night which was really beginning to bother me and I still have energy leftover.

So I have a lot of little errands on Saturday so I will be doing getting those done and some reading instead of stitching so on Sunday/Monday I will start afresh with Madonna as my next project. The idea of working on Madonna is quite refreshing since I haven't touched it in so long it will be like working on a new project again and with the huge blocks of the same color it will be quite relaxing, which is what I need right now. I do like working on pictures with huge blocks of colors, the color slowly creeps out and then bam it grows into a sleeve, skirt, wing etc. my only problem is when it's a light color on a light fabric like my problem with summer fairy spirit the yellows 744 & 745 are on blue/white cloud material from Silkweaver and it's very difficult on my eyes right now because the skirt is half in a white patch, I know it will look great in the end because of that but my eyes aren't very happy. With Madonna the colors will be purple/mauves, green blue on a grey/green fabric called Griffon from Sugar Maple and it looks fabulous so far, I really took a chance with the fabric choice and it's paying off. So hopefully by mid week I will have a progress picture to post or maybe when I post finish pics of Winter Blackwork and The Nutcracker I will also post a picture of Madonna.

So there's a new quilting fabric shop that opened on up in town about a month ago so I'm going to try and convince my mom to go shopping with me and check it out. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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