Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Status

Well I figured it was time to drop another line, I'm still not very chatty but whatever, I'm still stitching, sort of LOL.

I finished a small pattern last Saturday, it took about 1.5 weeks to finish which is kind of surprising since I thought I could finish it in one day. It is called Winter Blackwork by My Mark, I used the DMC conversion included in pattern and I also changed out one color too because I found it was to light on the white aida I was using. I will be making this design into a pinkeep when I get a chance.

I am also about 2 days away from finishing The Nutcracker from Country Cottage Needlework and hopefully I can stay on this course, since I've been so distracted lately there is always the chance I won't finish it in two days.

After Nutcracker my next project is suppose to be finishing Summer Fairy Spirit, which is a lingering WIP, but I'm contemplating scrapping my entire rotation list and just starting something fresh but not necessarily a new start, something that will recharge my battery so I won't be so distracted, but first I think I will take the weekend off and see what that does for my stitching.

Maybe Madonna of the Garden would be a good choice, I haven't stitched on her in about one year.

Well thanks for listening.

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