Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pretty Good Weekend

Well Madonna is just smoking along LOL. I was able to do the entire arch way above her head and 3/4 of the border down the side done this weekend. I would have gotten a lot more done but I decided to sew up my 7 dwarves as pillows and screwed up a bit and had to redo them, it seems that I didn't leave enough extra fabric on the sides and I became worried that if the aida started to fray (which it did in one case) I would lose the hem and the pillow would come apart, my inexperience came into play there. It's been so long since I used my sewing machine for anything but fixing a hem on my work pants that I couldn't for the life of me sew in a straight line, it looked straight while I was sewing but once I took if off the machine it definitely wasn't LOL but since these are cute little pillows you couldn't really tell that they aren't straight.
So I was able to finish all 7 I just need to fill them with fluff and hand sew the ends. I am still trying to figure out how to do this so I'm going to think on it for a couple days before trying one. I learned quite a lot from this sewing experience so next time I go about it I will be better prepared and will use the marking on the sewing machine table more, this time around I had so much extra fabric most of the time I couldn't see the marks, this of course will also help keep me straight....is the metal plate under the sewing foot called a table or is there another name for it? for the life of me I can't remember.
Anyway, back to Madonna I just have to do about 20 stitches on each side and then the bottom to finish the border off but before I move on to the next section I want to make sure everything matches up properly so I'm going to count up from the bottom of the design to a portion of the skirt that I've done in a couple locations to make sure everything matches up. I had 3 points of reference to match up the top section but the bottom is going into empty space and that always makes me nervous so I don't want to continue any stitching until I know everything is perfect.
Well thanks for listening. Once I finish the border I will probably post another WIP photo.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Status on Madonna

Hi everyone I have been very quiet of late, I just don't have anything to say.....work is fine, stitching is fine, home is okay but whatever LOL. So I will keep this short and sweet. I have been working like a demon on Madonna of the Garden by Mirabilia and I have 3 WIP pics for the last couple weeks

This picture above is from about 3 weeks ago, when I started concentrating on finishing her hair/flowers

Here is two weeks ago where I was adding some of the blue veil behind her head and some of the metallic halo

and here is from about 2 hours ago. I have finished her hair/flowers, I had to rip out a tiny spot that I will put back later, did some more of the blue veil, the fence behind her and now I've started on the arch that covers the entire design. My intention is to complete the entire arch plus the leaves and back stitching included, since it is a long weekend I think this is doable.

Thanks for listening

PS: the fabric I'm using is Griffon by Sugar Maple Fabrics, too bad the company no longer exists.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Productive past weekend

I don't know what it is about the nice weather I seems to have more energy to complete my tasks and can usually finish double the tasks then I would on a crappy day. This past weekend was just that type of day, I was able to fly through my tasks:
I did a fair amount of stitching on Madonna even though I really didn't pick up a needle all that much but I was quite productive. I almost did a finishes finish too but I need to purchase some cord. I've made my christmas tea cups into ornaments using these metal finish forms I purchased from Silver Needle last year, I thought I could just use ribbon and be done with it but now that I see the ornaments almost finished I definitely need cord to cover up the area where they join. So for now they are back in my cupboard until I get some cord, but the fact that I got that far in the finish is great.
I was also giving some time to my sewing machine which has been sorely neglected of late, I need to get some practice in since I will be sewing some of my designs into pillows and I don't want to ruin them just because I'm rusty. I also went to the second local quilt shop in town (the better one) and found all the fabric I needed to do all the finishes I dream/plan on doing currently. I had originally placed an online order with a shop in Kelowna but 4 out of the 6 fabrics I wanted she had sold out of so I cancelled my order and was back to the old drawing board, but thankfully I found everything I needed at the local shop, I even found this adorable beatrix potter bunny fabric for the back fabric of a pattern I haven't purchased yet! I plan on purchasing it for my birthday next month LOL.
I was able to be a bit of a handy man too, I have an attic door in my closet and the styrofoam had come loose as well as the door so with my father's help we were able to reattach the styrofoam and screw the door back into place so no more draft coming in.
And finally for mother's day I took my mom out to dinner and then we stopped off at a local bakery we haven't been to since my grandparents died, neither one of us can remember why we stopped going....it's a damn good bakery. Then my sister stopped by for her quarterly (insert sarcasm here) visit to the parents. Don't get me wrong I love my sister to pieces but 1) she sucks the life out of a room 2) only visits the parents when she wants something and 3) has no understanding for a person's personally space, so I get annoyed with her about 15 mins into her visit and she doesn't know how to take a hint about it either. She had to go to the emergency room last week because of kidney stone pain and was showing us her bruises from the IV etc., which I could see clearly from across the room they were that big, she starts walking towards me pointing them out to me and then lifts her arm and puts the bruise to eye level as she's walking towards me and I say "Hey B I can see them just fine you don't need to get any closer" just as she's about to shove her arm into my face. She stayed for about 2 hours and actually gave my mom a gift she asked for, her M.O. with gift giving usually is to ignore the person's wishes and get them something they doesn't want or need it's usually a big problem with my mom especially so for her to actually get something mom asked for was a shock to say the least.
All in all it was a great weekend. Thanks for listening

Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Dance Photos

Winter Blackwork, by My Mark

The Nutcracker by CCN

Monday, of course is a stupid day

Has everyone taken a leave of their senses today. Some real dumb bunnies came to work today and a lot of hand holding is needed.....where are the envelopes? where does the out mail go?....same place it's been for the past 1.5 month that we have be here. I'm rushing through an assignment right now and I don't have time for your drama, you're a lawyer for goodness sakes deal with it yourself.

It also isn't polite to pace behind a secretary's desk while she's going through a rush letter that you want done, one of the lawyers was doing this to the other secretary and I could literally hear her grind her teeth in aggravation from my desk LOL. And then junior princess has a rush copy job for me to do and as I get into it she keeps on adding to the pile and instead of placing in on the desk she wants to hand deliver it to me while I'm in front of the copier, geeze lady can't you see the pile of documents on the table you just walk past...put the documents there and then she wants to tell me the story behind said documents, if this is suppose to be a rush job don't you think it would be a good idea to leave me the F@*~ alone so I can get it done.

Well I'm glad I got all of that off my chest before it ruined my day.

On the stitching front I finished Nutcracker on Saturday, I would have finished it on Friday but I made a mistake on the flowers and had to ripe them both out so I decided to go to bed early instead. On Saturday I took my mom on a shopping adventure to the local malls and then we went to the new quilt fabric shop, not very impressive I must say had more flannel fabric then anything else which is no help to me. There is another quilt shop in town that I haven't been to in awhile so I think I need to visit it now. When I came home I put in a movie and finished off Nutcracker in about on hour, it took a lot of strength not to jump head long into working on Madonna right then and there but I told myself no stitching on Saturday so instead I did some spring cleaning, did some reorganization, read a bit and of course some computer games it was a very lazy/productive weekend that I enjoyed very much.

Thanks for listening and hopefully I will remember to post my recent finishes tonight once I get them off my camera.