Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pretty Good Weekend

Well Madonna is just smoking along LOL. I was able to do the entire arch way above her head and 3/4 of the border down the side done this weekend. I would have gotten a lot more done but I decided to sew up my 7 dwarves as pillows and screwed up a bit and had to redo them, it seems that I didn't leave enough extra fabric on the sides and I became worried that if the aida started to fray (which it did in one case) I would lose the hem and the pillow would come apart, my inexperience came into play there. It's been so long since I used my sewing machine for anything but fixing a hem on my work pants that I couldn't for the life of me sew in a straight line, it looked straight while I was sewing but once I took if off the machine it definitely wasn't LOL but since these are cute little pillows you couldn't really tell that they aren't straight.
So I was able to finish all 7 I just need to fill them with fluff and hand sew the ends. I am still trying to figure out how to do this so I'm going to think on it for a couple days before trying one. I learned quite a lot from this sewing experience so next time I go about it I will be better prepared and will use the marking on the sewing machine table more, this time around I had so much extra fabric most of the time I couldn't see the marks, this of course will also help keep me straight....is the metal plate under the sewing foot called a table or is there another name for it? for the life of me I can't remember.
Anyway, back to Madonna I just have to do about 20 stitches on each side and then the bottom to finish the border off but before I move on to the next section I want to make sure everything matches up properly so I'm going to count up from the bottom of the design to a portion of the skirt that I've done in a couple locations to make sure everything matches up. I had 3 points of reference to match up the top section but the bottom is going into empty space and that always makes me nervous so I don't want to continue any stitching until I know everything is perfect.
Well thanks for listening. Once I finish the border I will probably post another WIP photo.

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