Monday, June 21, 2010

Currently WIP & Loving Them

I am still flying through Madonna and loving it, yes some moments are a little more tedious then others but on the whole it's a great project. So here is my latest WIP pictures

Now onto another topic - canvas designs. As I've mentioned in a previous post I've fallen in love with canvas designs I think the designs coming out are gorgeous and many of them I would like to purchase right away LOL. Anyway, I purchased Falling Leaves by Laura J. Perin about 1 year ago I think and earlier this year I started working on it. Now I tried to follow her instruction to the tee since this was a new thing for me but for the life of me I couldn't make the squares line up with each other, in case you don't know what this design looks like here it is.

My first try I started in the centre and followed the border lines around each square until I had to change to a different color, but once I tried to do the column of squares on the left it wouldn't line up to the centre. Then I tried to completed an entire square before moving onto the next one, but once I got to the centre corner of the square I was always one square off. I was so annoyed at this point that I put the design away and decided I would practise the pattern on aida first before trying again. I was very frustrated and disappointed because I had heard that canvas was very easy and you could probably finish a design in half the time it takes for a regular cross stitch project.

Fast forward to about a week ago and I was reading spinster stitchers blog, (which I love, she is hysterical) and she was working on a canvas called strawberry shortcake and in one of her WIP pictures she showed the paper copy of pattern and her canvas, well I was able to zoom into this picture and see what the paper pattern shows and how she then stitches it and that's when I noticed that I was doings something wrong on my design, I was definitely reading the pattern wrong. Now listed on canvas designs is usually an instruction that says 'each line represents one square' now maybe because I do most of my stitching on aida I thought I understood this instruction and thought it was no big deal, apparently not. When looking at spinster stitchers paper pattern I looked at some random stitches and counted them up and then compared with what they looked like on the actual canvas and realized that I was counting the stitches on FL wrong. In particulate there are these little corner stitches in the centre of each square that I couldn't figure out what they were, I didn't think they were one square I thought they were 1/2 square and for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to stitch them on canvas and then every stitch after that was just one stitch more, well as it turns out those little stitches are actually one and I was miscounting by one on every single stitch and that is why each row wasn't lining thank you spinster stitcher for showing such a great pictures on your blog.

So with this knowledge I pulled out FL again and started putting in some stitches and they lined up!!! What I was doing was counting as if it was aida and counting each square on the paper pattern instead of the lines. The border around each square turned out to be 4 stitch not 3 which is what I was doing. Hurray, I'm so happy I finally figured this out. So I told myself that I am now ready to try FL again (if only it would fit into my schedule this year) and then as a cherry on top I was reading Three Cool Pugs and Me blog and Margie is doing a bunch of canvas designs to get her mojo back and low and behold FL is her current WIP and wouldn't you know it she has clickable pictures too so I was able to click on 2 of her WIP pictures and count the stitches from the section that I was working on and had the most trouble with and they match with what spinster stitcher taught me, they are 4 stitches not 3 and the little corner stitch is most definitely one stitch, so with extreme confidence now I know I can work on this design and finish it with no problems.

and here is my first squares completed LOL.
Now I know this was a long winded explanation for such a silly problem but I have to tell you this was really bothering me I couldn't understand how I could possibly screw this up and it was definitely playing in my mind that I was an idiot and wasn't a true crafter if I couldn't do the simplest thing like canvas designs. This also proves how great fellow bloggers are, without their blogs I wouldn't have figured out my problem and be enjoying the design again. Now off to continue stitching on Madonna. Thanks for listening

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Blu said...

Madonna look amazing.
Good to hear that you got your canvas woes sorted out.