Friday, June 25, 2010

This weeks progress

Well, I've actually hit a bit of a block this week and I was doing so well. LOL
I had the day off on Tuesday to celebrate my birthday and I had big plans to stitch, which didn't actually materialize, my best friend and her son (my god son) came over to play...he was having such a good day that they stayed for 4 hours before he got tired and cranky but during those 4 hours he was hysterical, he does this wrinkle the nose jolly laugh thing which cracked me right up which of course made him laugh harder. I taught him how to blow kisses which his mom was excited to see since she had been trying that for a couple weeks with no success, he also was giving me kisses which was really cute especially since he doesn't give them out to anyone except his mom, not even his dad gets them which is pretty funny.
Anyway, back to stitch, I only stitched for about 1 hour on Tues and then after everyone left I just didn't feel like it so I played facebook games. Then on Wednesday I was in the mood to read on the train and I have been basically doing that for the rest of the week to and from work, which is no big deal. The weather has been great this week (knock on wood) and I'm enjoying it better with a good book then my head buried in stitch. But then of course I get home and I still don't want to stitch so I've been downloading free trials of hidden object computer games and playing them, I have also started playing farm town on facebook again LOL. I know I am so close to finishing Madonna and if I only gave myself a few more weeks of solid stitching I definitely would be done I just feel that the other activities I've been doing are calling my name louder. I received a few DVD's for my birthday so I figure if I park my ass in my chair with a movie on I could catch up on some lost stitching this weekend, my goal is to finish 2 - 3 sections that are half done already and would have been done this week anyway. I'm getting into the left desirable section of the pattern now so it doesn't take much to convince me to do something else but stitch. But hopefully this weekend will be full of stitch and a new progress picture come Monday.
Thanks for listening

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Jeanne said...

You shouldn't feel obligated to stitch since it is supposed to be enjoyable - it'll still be there when you get the urge to get back to it. I have avoided setting myself up in Facebook because I just don't have any more time to be spending on the computer. Have a great week ahead Nicole.