Saturday, July 31, 2010

My goodness I'm in trouble LOL

So I made the mistake of going onto the Chatelaine BB to see what was new.....BIG MISTAKE I have fallen in love with two new classes that I must have Venice Mandala which is a class that started in February 2010 and will finish January 2011 and Greece Mandala which starts tomorrow and go until July 2011.



Now do I honestly need these pattern...No!!! but they are coming home with me anyway LOL. I won't be purchasing them right away so that gives me some time to crunch the numbers in regards to paying for them since these pattern are always expensive with their crystals, gold lined beads and hand dyed silks. Usually what I do it break up the supplies and look for the cheapest price and then spread the purchases over a few months. As well since I'm adding these two to my collection I figured it was about time to actually finish one. So Egyptian Garden has been moved up in my list of projects. I had planned on working on it in October but now it looks like I can start working on it mid August.

Speaking of projects I finished all the stitching on Madonna about 1 hour ago and so now I'm taking a computer break before starting to bead. I have also started a new train picture it's called Witch Way by Just Nan and it's pretty cute with witches, ghosts, cats etc. I will try and post a pics when I post Madonna happy dance.

Thanks for listening.

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