Sunday, August 29, 2010

I've Brought Pictures

First thing first here is Madonna of the Garden by Mirabilia on 18 count aida Griffon from Sugar Maple Fabric, I finished her on August 1st. I love this design the vibrant color are fabulous. I really enjoyed every element of this design.

Next is Witch Way by Just Nan on 28 count Bone Lugana, I finished it on August 9th it is very cute the specialty stitches are the broom bottom and hair of the witches.

This is what I've done so far on Egyptian Garden as of Friday, I'll continue stitching empty spots on the top right then bottom right before moving on to another piece of the pattern. My goal by the end of the week is to finish the entire top portion and a bit of the left/right sides before moving forward on the top section. I've decided to split the pattern into 4 sections top, bottom, left & right and I will keep stitching those section until that portion of the design is finish, I'm doing this because it's easier to manage the large fabric on the train by concentrating to a single section, since the fabric is 25x25 32 count. Oh I'm using Days Gone by from Silkweaver.

And finally this is the status of Falling Leaves by Laura Perin as of Saturday. My goal tonight is to finish the outer portion of the cream on the final two sides and then start on the red border which is next and then slowly fill in the cream border, I'm just getting tired of the cream so I've decided to improvise so I don't get tired of the design as a whole and put it down.

Well I think that's it for now. Thanks for listening

Friday, August 27, 2010

Have you missed me

I have tried to do a post for a couple of weeks now but I keep getting distracted. So here is the 411 on me. I have been stitching in drips and drabs because of the weather, it has been way too hot to have lights on in the house and sticky fingers are never good when stitching. But since my last post I was able to finish Madonna of the Garden by Mirabilia done on 18 ct aida Griffon by SMF. Then I started working on Witchy Way by Just Nan, it is a very cute design and a quick finish that I felt like doing instead of launching myself into another large design. I think the design took me two weeks from start to finish since I only worked on it on the train, the design also had some specialty stitches which were fun to work on and they really completment the design.
I have now pushed off all my other projects except for Falling Leaves (canvas) by Laura Perin and Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine designs. I will be working on FL till it's finished (if I don't run out of one of the threads) and will work on EG till end of the year. I will reassess  in January and decide if I put it away or continue till finished, I'm actually hoping I might be finished by then because I will be working on it at home and train once FL is finished, but we will see.
The reason why I'm concentrating on EG is because I've joined the Greek and Venice Mandala yahoo groups which brings my total of Chatelaine designs up to 6 and I think it's about time I actually finished one of them LOL.
Since I started back on EG I was able to finish the fish, pond, and blue lotus flower section which are the first 2 layers at the centre of the design and I am now onto the brown, grey/green swirls in the third row, I probably won't be finished that section until next week. My only problem with the design right now is the section I'm working on is over 4 different pages so it's a little bit difficult to juggle all those pages on the train but I think I've found a technique that is working for me. I usually finish stitching all the stitches in one color before moving on to the next one but in this case I'm just stitching whatever colors are on the page I'm currently holding, so that means I will eventually have to put in stitches with the same color four separate times, it's not ideal but at least I spend more time stitching then I do looking for the next page. I have also decided to cut up the pattern pages I've printed out so I can handle them more easily, I usually do this when I've finished a chunk of stitching and what I do is cut it away from the master and only keep the sections left with bead or backstitch for future stitching but in the Chatelaine designs there is a crap load of beads splashed everywhere so I can't actually cut it without missing a spot where a crystal or bead goes so I made a second copy of the design where I've highlighted where all the crystals and beads will go this way I can cut my current copy up and not have to worry about the bead placements and when it's time for beading I will take the second copy out and know where the beads are right away because they have been highlighted for me this should definitely speed up the beading.
Hopefully if I'm not too busy tonight I can post some pictures so you guys know what I'm talking about LOL.
Thanks for listening

Friday, August 6, 2010

BC is Burning

As of this morning this is how my province looks in regards to forest fires. We have been told that there are about 400 fires raging in the interior, some are small and contained, some are large and nowhere near contained and some are out of control and evacuation notices have been issued.

And now the haze from the fires have made it down to Vancouver. I got into town yesterday and there was this haze all around the downtown core. Our weather people are saying that there is so much smoke in the air that the wind is now bring it to the lower mainland and it will probably linger for a couple more days. Let me tell you I was definitely feeling it yesterday while walking to the train to go home. Hopefully with the cooler weather coming there will be some rain without thunder and lightening and the weather helps the men and women out there fighting these fires for us.