Friday, August 6, 2010

BC is Burning

As of this morning this is how my province looks in regards to forest fires. We have been told that there are about 400 fires raging in the interior, some are small and contained, some are large and nowhere near contained and some are out of control and evacuation notices have been issued.

And now the haze from the fires have made it down to Vancouver. I got into town yesterday and there was this haze all around the downtown core. Our weather people are saying that there is so much smoke in the air that the wind is now bring it to the lower mainland and it will probably linger for a couple more days. Let me tell you I was definitely feeling it yesterday while walking to the train to go home. Hopefully with the cooler weather coming there will be some rain without thunder and lightening and the weather helps the men and women out there fighting these fires for us.

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