Monday, September 27, 2010


I have a major case of the Blah's and I don't know why. I know the weather has been crappy but fall just started and if I feel like this just after a couple days of rain and clouds then I'm going to be a gem during the entire fall & winter. Stitching is nonexistent, all my housekeeping tasks are annoying me, sleep is a struggle and my father is getting on my nerves...ho hum I'm quite the bitch today. Let's hope the retail therapy I did at 123 stitch and ABC stitch help me out of this funk.
It is so bad I am even having a hard time figuring out what color of fabric to do Selene the Moon Goddess by Passione Ricamo on (if this is news to you go to passione website and check her out). Which is something I love to figure out, since the options are endless. I originally thought dark fury or siren's call by Enchanted fabric but I think they are both too dark, although I only pulled out the mystique piece of siren's call and not the flair so I will need to pull them out again tonight. Now I'm looking at the colors on Silkweaver and Picture this Plus but nothing strikes my fancy, I'm always worried when using dark/black type colors that when I stitch the design too much of the fabric with poke through and kills the design. But on the other hand she is a Moon Goddess which screams night time so I just don't know what to do, I know it's not the end of the world but it definitely fits into my bitch/blah attitude I'm currently in.
Well work is almost over, I'm going to go home have a tall cocktail, climb into bed and pout. Thanks for listening to my nonsensical post.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mildly Surprised

I spoke too soon regarding translink. The day after my post I got an email from them asking for more details about the 'unprofessional behaviour' of the bus driver, I'm so surprised I got a response, so I gave them what they needed, she is still driving my bus but then again I really didn't expect her to be removed but I'm hoping there is a reprimand letter in her file so if she does something stupid again that will be 2 strikes.
Onto stitch, I have been quietly plugging away on Egyptian Garden, I just haven't really been in the mood to stitch of late, there are so many other things I want to work on which wind up getting done instead, basically my fall cleaning stuff is huge and now that the weather has changed I'm tired all the time so I prefer to relax, read or snooze on the train then anything else.
I'm hoping to chip away at my to do list this weekend and then have at least 3 hours of solid stitching sometime this weekend, plus a family bbq to go to.
Well I'm not very chatty today so thanks for listening.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Not surprising

So as I said in my last posted I fired off an email to Translink which is the official name of the people who take care of the public transportation in BC about the incident the other day and in that email you are given the option of whether you want someone to contact you about your complaint, I of course check yes. I didn't leave my phone number because I would be at work but I did leave my email... it's been 24 hours and no response, what is the point of saying you will contact me if it's only offered to the people who leave phone numbers, whatever.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Crap, crap & double crap

So I've been working on Falling Leaves at home for a while, I took a break for a couple days because of the weather and had just gotten into it and it was going great. I finished the outer border of cream; leaving the inner cream for later since I was getting bored with stitching cream. I completed the red border around the cream and had then started working on the Caron Watercolor border using #10 Fiesta, I was a little concerned with this section because the border section is two rows on each side with little triangles in Fiesta. When I finished the inner quilt squares of this design I looked over the thread I had left and was wondering if I would have enough.....I  had used a lot of the thread up at the beginning of this design when I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I didn't think I used that much up but when I started stitching this border I knew deep down that I would run out before I was finished and low and behold last night I ran out........I am not even half way finished the border. So I've had to put FL away, I could probably work around that border and finish the final green border and finish off the cream border (which I might do in a weeks or so) but I have decided to work on Egyptian Garden full time instead. Thank goodness I'm placing an October craft order for some supplies and patterns so I just can add the WC thread into the order, it is a nice variegated thread that even if the thread is a different dye lot then my original skein it will be okay to just continue where I left off and worse case scenario and it really doesn't match up I can just tear out the old stuff and put in the new since there really isn't a lot I was able to get done.
Now onto another issue I have this one is in regards to my commute home. After getting off my train I take a small mini bus that takes me the rest of the way home. We have this real piece of work driver -  she never stops for people unless they are exactly at the stop if they are a 1/2 a block a way nope she won't or even if they flag her down she ignores them. She refuses to do any special stops, usually these stops are for the elderly or people with a lot of grocery bags and it is easier if the bus drops them off a couple blocks before the actual stop and closer to their home, she bitches at passengers for not understanding where they are going and always has a sour expression on her face, she keeps the door closed while waiting for the train to arrive even if it is raining and other people from different buses are transferring over to her bus, she makes them wait. She also speeds through the bus loops and over speed bumps while trying to beat the rush out of the train station, she closes the door super fast on people entering and exiting her bus to the point that I swear she has hit someone in the behind with the door. I have made comments to another bus driver about bad bus driver's behaviour and the driver tells me that this is what bad bus driver does all the time, she is unliked in the union and has to be shifted from route to route because her passengers dislike her as well. I was told to keep complaining about her because the only way she is going to change is if management threaten her with firing. Last night there was an incident that I'm so shocked about that I immediately fired off an email of complaint about it. So last night the driver was in such a rush to leave that she shut the door on two ladies as they entered the bus, while one lady was at the ticket machine inside the bus at the top of the 3 stairs the other lady was still in the stairwell (with a bag of flowers in her hands) the bus lunged forward and the 1st lady dropped her ticket in the stairwell, she moves aside and allows the woman in the stairwell to go past her to get a seat then she climbs down the first step, turns around and with her back towards the door bends over to pick up her ticket, at the same time this is happening the bus driver is still driving the bus and proceeds to do a left and right hand turn and starts to speed towards the first speed bump. My biggest fear at that moment was the woman in the stairwell to lose her balance and fall against the door, which might have opened up and she would have fallen out of a moving bus to potentially get run over by our bus or the three that were leaving the station at the same time we were, let alone the damage of falling from a moving vehicle to the asphalt below........but thank god nothing happened and the woman got out of the stairwell and sat down.
I remember in high school when I took a large bus that the driver wouldn't move the bus unless everyone was behind the yellow line they have after the ticket machine claiming it was a safety concern and I've heard this bus driver tell people to move their stuff if it's over the yellow line because it obscures her view so to me a person in the stairwell is just as much of an obstacle as someone's purse and there was no way that the bus should have started moving while these ladies were in the stairwell and most certainly this bus driver should have pulled over when the woman lost her ticket since it was in the stairwell. Let's see if anything happens about my complaint.
Thanks for listening

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What to do?

So my best friends is going through a hard time right now with her son, he is 18 months and doesn't sleep through the night yet, she is extreme frustrated and exhausted over the whole thing. I have tried to offer my assistance the best I can but being a single friend I don't feel that it is my place to do that. From reading between the lines I think she is having some problems with her mother and perhaps her husband with regards to the techniques she is using to raise the baby. I think she might be taking their helpful advise and taking it as criticism which is also why I'm not offer my opinion in case she takes it the wrong way.

She was quite sick at the end of her pregnancy and then D was sick with tummy problems for months after he was born so I think she coddled him and put him into a strange routine concentrating on his feeding schedule as opposed to a proper sleeping schedule and now that everyone is thriving the strange routine is now the norm and she doesn't understand why he hasn't snapped out of it and sleeps through the night, like any of us do that!!!!! There is chaos in the home and it's really hitting her hard and making her think she is a bad mom, what she doesn't understand is she is a first time mom and these things happen and she should take advise from other people to help her change this routine, it's nothing against her mothering if she does this. I have actually wondered for months now what she was going to do because once D become school aged this sleeping pattern he's on isn't going to work. I even offered to take him for the weekend so she could get some sleep and perhaps see if I could get him to sleep better but she refused, which I also think is a bad thing, I don't think even the grandparents have had him overnight which is a whole new problem she's creating. It's really frustrating for me as a friends because on one hand she is hurting inside and out but on the other she kind of did this to herself.......I just don't know what to do for her especially since she is so oversensitive right now.

Thanks for listening to my vent

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Toy

I love this time of that I`m not a student in any way shape or form of course. I still love going to the stores and checking out the school supplies and I always seem to find something I have to have LOL, you can never have enough notebooks to keep track of your WIP etc. But this time around I was there to get ink for my printer and stubbled into the laptop netbook section, I have always wanted a netbook, they are so cute and this past summer the thought of turning on my computer was plainful but I really needed to work on the computer so I had no choice which of course really overheated my room.

Anyway, I found this really cute netbook that will do all I need at a great price, everyone warned me that it doesn`t handle big graphics but that`s not what I want it for`nor do I need a large hard drive it`s kind of just a stop over until I get to my main PC. I have a couple word type document projects that I`ve been putting off for months because I always seem to run out of time to complete, now I can take the computer on the train and in the morning work on these projects, since in the morning I never seem to get a seat that give me enough arm room to work on stitch so my goal is to work on the computer in the am and stitch in the pm. Also that means I can take the computer out of my room and be more productive. I didn`t realize how chained to the computer I am and how cumbersome it is in the bedroom when things are happening in the living room. So long story short, I have a new toy. Perhaps when I post a new Egyptian Garden picture I will post one of the netbook as well.

Thanks for listening, and good luck to all the students going back to school on Tuesday.