Friday, September 17, 2010

Mildly Surprised

I spoke too soon regarding translink. The day after my post I got an email from them asking for more details about the 'unprofessional behaviour' of the bus driver, I'm so surprised I got a response, so I gave them what they needed, she is still driving my bus but then again I really didn't expect her to be removed but I'm hoping there is a reprimand letter in her file so if she does something stupid again that will be 2 strikes.
Onto stitch, I have been quietly plugging away on Egyptian Garden, I just haven't really been in the mood to stitch of late, there are so many other things I want to work on which wind up getting done instead, basically my fall cleaning stuff is huge and now that the weather has changed I'm tired all the time so I prefer to relax, read or snooze on the train then anything else.
I'm hoping to chip away at my to do list this weekend and then have at least 3 hours of solid stitching sometime this weekend, plus a family bbq to go to.
Well I'm not very chatty today so thanks for listening.

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