Friday, September 3, 2010

New Toy

I love this time of that I`m not a student in any way shape or form of course. I still love going to the stores and checking out the school supplies and I always seem to find something I have to have LOL, you can never have enough notebooks to keep track of your WIP etc. But this time around I was there to get ink for my printer and stubbled into the laptop netbook section, I have always wanted a netbook, they are so cute and this past summer the thought of turning on my computer was plainful but I really needed to work on the computer so I had no choice which of course really overheated my room.

Anyway, I found this really cute netbook that will do all I need at a great price, everyone warned me that it doesn`t handle big graphics but that`s not what I want it for`nor do I need a large hard drive it`s kind of just a stop over until I get to my main PC. I have a couple word type document projects that I`ve been putting off for months because I always seem to run out of time to complete, now I can take the computer on the train and in the morning work on these projects, since in the morning I never seem to get a seat that give me enough arm room to work on stitch so my goal is to work on the computer in the am and stitch in the pm. Also that means I can take the computer out of my room and be more productive. I didn`t realize how chained to the computer I am and how cumbersome it is in the bedroom when things are happening in the living room. So long story short, I have a new toy. Perhaps when I post a new Egyptian Garden picture I will post one of the netbook as well.

Thanks for listening, and good luck to all the students going back to school on Tuesday.

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