Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finally an Update

I have been trying to post for 2 days now LOL and now finally I can.

Well I feel so much better now, I still haven’t stitched much these past few days but what I have done has been progress. I have decided to take a break form Egyptian Garden, I knew this would happen because it’s such a big design so I pulled out It’s Cold Outside by Blue Ribbon Designs and will be working on this design till it’s finished. The design is so cutie and with everything in its own little box I can easily jump from section to section, it should also be a relatively quick finish too. I truly can see why Martina the designer for Chatelaine splits her designs into 12 parts because even though a section may look simple each section is very time consuming.

So here is It’s Cold Outside before I starting working on it again

What it's eventually going to look like

And here is Egyptian Garden as of Friday night when I put it down.

I actually got a little farther than this but I didn't take a picture.

As well one of my tasks this past weekend was to complete some of my finishes, I had put this pin keep away until I figured out what I wanted to do with it ribbon wise and then I got too busy and forgot about it. I’m still unsure about the finish but I figure the more experience I have doing them the better they will turn out. As you can see the ribbon around the design looks a little clunky, I really love the color of the ribbon and I purchased it for this design alone and after reviewing other ladies finishes I see most ladies do have a ribbon that is slightly larger than the design width so *shrug*, next time I’m going to use a smaller ribbon and then compare and see which one I like the best. Same thing with the ribbon on top I was all set to use Twisted stitchers instruction on ribbon making but as I was doing it I realized that my design wasn’t thick enough and the bow would look odd, so I just did up a basic bow and stuck it on it kind of giving a carefree attitude. I definitely came away with a couple different techniques I want to try for next time.

So here is my first pinkeep resting beside my new mini computer. I hope you enjoy looking at them both.


Blu said...

Your WIPs look great!
Excellent job with the pinkeep. It's such a pretty design!

Rachel S said...

It looks fantastic. I didn't know about that one. Thank you for sharing.