Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hello everyone, long time no talk.

Stitching has been pretty non-existent for a couple weeks now, I have had a major reading Jones going on and so all my free time has been reading. I am still nowhere near completing my 24 goal this year but I don't care.

I am also reevaluating my craft set up right now, I have divided up my patterns up and put them in a 5 drawer rolling cart instead of my file cabinet and 2 drawers stuffed full in various places in my room, so now they are in a central location and now I've moved on to my spare DMC threads, my goal has always been to have 5 skeins of each thread excluding my main set I still have a long way to go but in the mean time I need them to be organized. I originally had them in large zip lock bags her color but lately I'm finding that I literally have to dump out the entire bag to find the skein I'm looking for so I have purchased some zip lock snack bags and have put each individual color in their own bag so I know on first glance whether I need to purchase more. Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to store them, I have some medium size containers that I'm going to see if they all fit into and all go from there.

As you can tell I've been quite borrowing lately with is why I've been blog quiet.

Actually the only thing I've have done worth mentioning is started my Christmas shopping LOL, I know I can hear you all groan but I'm so anal retentive and always start my shopping and baking early so I can calmly enjoy when society gets excited for the Christmas Spirit, it's actually quite fun.

Well thanks for listening.


Daffycat said...

Whenever I am not feeling the urge to stitch I usually sort stash. Not only does it help keep things organized but I will often find my mojo in the process!

I store my floss in plastic bags. You can see how I store them here: (copy & paste)

Rachel S said...

Sorting stash is a good way to fill the void when you don't feel like stitching. And I think we've all been quiet lately. It will get better.

pippirose said...

I just LOVE sorting through floss, winding them on holders...putting them in order. Something about all those gorgeous colours...gets the creativity flowing.