Sunday, November 7, 2010

Almost Happy Dance

I am on a role right now with my WIP, I don't know what has gotten my mojo back but let me tell you there was a lot of stitching to be had this weekend. I have half a border to finish and then 1.5 motifs on it's cold which I'm hoping to finish completely tomorrow and then I have 3.5 panels of cream left to do on Falling Leaves which I don't think I can finish until about Tuesday, either way I'm super excited that things are moving along so nicely. This is the most productive I have been on a weekend for so long. Now I better get to bed, my cousins and siblings on my father's side are getting together tomorrow privately to have a family portrait to give my mom for Christmas, I honestly don't think there is one of all 7 of us. There is quite the age gap between me and my siblings and the cousins so we don't really do things like this together so I'm pretty excited......hopefully the weather cooperates since we are doing it outside.

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