Monday, November 8, 2010


I sometimes wonder if people think I'm stupid and are surprised that I get offended and stand up for myself. I'm finding more and more lately that I should know my place at work, I know there is work division in all employment and sometimes toes are stepped on by I just find it silly when I'm on the phone with a third party provider, dealing with a supply issue, to put them on hold and pass them to other secretary when I can just deal with the situation myself. She is bloody well sitting right beside me so if I'm not getting the proper message across to the third party she can give me hand gestures and I can correct myself. I'm not meaning to step on toes but really! transferring and putting people on hold and making a 5 mins conversation turn into 20 mins is just silly. I'm not stupid I know what needs to be done. Anyway, enough about that.......
This weekend was a get success in regards to the family portrait. The weather was wonderful and I think they will be great pics. The photographer was a friend of the cousin that organized the photo opportunity, she has a really cool and fancy digital camera, so hopefully we all can have a sneak peek at the photos. These pictures will be Christmas gifts for our respective parents. My mom loves these kinds of things and like I said before there hasn't been pictures of all 7 of us together semi professionally ever, of course there have been causally photo op's at family functions but nothing like yesterday. As well my brother, who is the black sheep of the family, was able to attend and I think he had a great time.
I'm not looking forward to Christmas this year, I actually haven't in the last couple of years since there aren't any little kids in our family right now so it's not really fun the usual way people expect Christmas to be and since money is always tight it makes my mom blue since she can't get us big expensive gifts like we had when we were kids. For years now I've explained to her that at our age if we want something expensive we should get it for ourselves and to stop worrying about it, but unfortunately she is kind of labelled the 'poor' sister amongst her family and takes it personally. I just love getting together with family and eating good food and just having fun that the gifts aren't even something I give a shit about but it's hard for her to accept that so she becomes a bit of a downer, I actually like giving rather than receiving because I LOVE to shop. Anyway sorry for the poor me point is that unfortunately this year will be a bluer year then most because we are coming up to the anniversary of Pookie's death and I'm feeling it. It was a traditional pookie and I had that I would make shortbread cookies and she would 'sample' the batches and make sure they were ok LOL......I know I shouldn't have fed her people food but it was a traditional and she would sit in the doorway of the kitchen and watch me and know when I walked to the kitchen table to let the cookies cool she was going to get something, and even though she was sick last year she did eat one cookie so we kept the traditional alive last year. I will be starting my Christmas batching this upcoming weekend and it making me kind of sad that she won't be there to help me.

On the stitching front, I'm making steady progress on It's Cold and I've sort of make it the priority pieces this week and if all goes well tonight I will be down to the last motif. Falling Leaves is taking a little longer now to finish too because I'm doing the cream inner border and each line changes as I go, it goes from 1 square, 2 square to 6 square in one line to 5 squares, 3 squares to 1 square the next line so I'm having to really pay attention and it's going slower, so hopefully Happy Dances will occur twice this week I just have to stick to it.
Thanks for listening


Coni said...

Woo Hoo! I found you! Now please excuse me, because I now need to go read every single post you've ever posted and look at every single project you've ever stitched.

So far, though, your blog ROCKS!

P.S. Love the LJP Falling Leaves!

pippirose said...

I feel the same way about Christmas. I try to make some gifts, and now that my kids are grown, they "get it"! It *isn't* about the presents.
I know that once grandchildren are in the picture, it will be fun again.