Monday, November 1, 2010

Still Quiet

Thanks ladies for all the reassuring comments about my slump and it is funny to hear that I'm not the only one quiet right now and using stash sorting to help get out of the slump.

I am slowly putting some stitches into my projects. I did about 10 stitches on the train last Monday and on Thursday I even cracked my picture at work just so I could accomplish something. I'm only now getting interested in stitching again I finally finished the green border on Falling Leaves on Saturday and today I finished the gingerbread man on It's Cold Outside so it looks like my stitching mood it slowly returning.

I'm still also plugging away on reorganizing my stash and am half way through repackaging my extra DMC floss so I hope that will help continue to get me stitching again.

Well I'm off to stitch LOL, thanks for listening.

Here is Falling Leaves after Saturday night.


Blu said...

Glad to hear your mojo's coming back.

Falling Leaves looks great.

pippirose said...

It's hard to get out of the slump.
I found that reading others' blogs, and seeing their WIP helped me get some stitching energy back. It's inspiring.