Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Well Christmas has come and gone and I have to say it turned out better than expected. We had a full house on Christmas Day which was great since I knew 2 out of my 4 younger cousins weren`t going to stay for dinner since they were spending it with their grandfather, this was the first Christmas since his wife died and it was only right that they spend it with him, but since they have dinner so late over there the kids were able to have a small supper with us at 5:30 - 6:00 and then go over to there and have dinner again at 8:00 - 9:00 (my cousin had to drop off her aunt there in the early evening so knew exact when the turkey went in so she guestimated the time it would be ready).
My mom was extremely surprised about the photos, you could see on her face when she realized that it was all 7 of us, she got pics of the younger 4 last year so I think she thought they were updated pics but when she noticed my brother, sister and myself she just lost it LOL, she was crying so hard I think she almost had to leave the room to calm down. My younger cousin also got her tickets to Cirque de Soleil which I though was a great idea and so did my mom because she started crying again. But I think the best crying episode is when my sister gave her cash to help purchase a new furry baby, my mom has started saving for a new dog and last time my sister was over she only put $2 in the piggy bag since she is such a cheap person so for my sister to do what she did for my mom was great and very surprising.
I went out on boxing day for a couple DVD`s I wanted we took our time and had no intention of being anywhere first so no standing outside in lines, we casually showed up a couple hours later and if we got what we wanted good, but if we didn`t that was okay too it`s one of those things that you just need to experience and shake your head at it.
We are currently still eating leftover turkey which I love. In all the excitement of everyone coming over Christmas Day I forgot to bring out my baking until boxing day which is fine because usually I don`t get any of my baking it`s eaten before I get a change to try any of it so I`m really enjoying eating it this year LOL.
I don`t go back to work until the 4th so I`m trying to not be a slug my entire week off, I`m doing housework, putting away the craft supplies I got for Christmas, I`m hoping to final finish some projects, watch the DVD`s I got for Christmas and of course some stitching, I have actually gotten a lot done on Summer Fairy Spirit by Passione Ricamo I think I could possibly get everything but the beading done before I go back to work.
So over the next few days I`m going to update my blog with what I want to accomplish stitchingwise and readwise for 2011 I want to have this up before the actual new year starts. And in case you were wondering the final tally was 9 finish stitch projects and 13 books read this year.....not bad for me.
I will post some pics some craft present pics and some WIP pics in the next couple days, along with a picture of my final finish tea cups.
Thanks for listening

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