Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Little to no stitch being done.

As my title suggests I am getting very little stitching done.

I would say in the last 5 days I have stitched only about 2 hours if that......but this is the one time I am NOT complaining about that fact because something much more important has been keeping my attention.

I'd like to introduce FIZZGIG

He is a 13 weeks old and is a Brussels Griffon, he is currently 5 pounds and will probably get anywhere between 10 - 12 pounds when he is done growing.

He is my dog, I am not sharing custody with my mother, which is what we did with Pookie. I picked him up on Friday night so I have been very busy since then in dealing with his every want and need LOL.

I have come to realize that I do not have experience with puppies at all, we got Pookie when she was 6 months old and she was potty trained and knew her name as well as "No". Fizzgig on the other hand does not know his name, is pee pad trained with only the pees and chews, bites and/or licks anything he can get his furry paws on and doesn't like to go outside on the grass, especially at night (probably because of the pee pad training), I have never seen a dog that doesn't like the grass so it is strange to have to actually drag him outside to go to the bathroom.

I am completely out of my element but I'm having fun. My mother is babysitting him while I'm at work and he plays with his toys all day and has a few naps in-between. Brussels are a one person kind of dog, they bond right away with that person and they are their world, that pretty much has been set in stone since Saturday and it's me and when I leave the room and return moments later or on Monday when I went to work and came back he was overwhelmed when I returned that you can't help but laugh at him with his antics.

I have many things to teach him which are occupying my time, bedtime schedule, learning to walk on a leash, learning his name, going outside at night, not jumping up on people and most importantly not putting everything he can find into his mouth these are my top priorities right now.

I think I have an updated photo of SFS that I haven't posted yet so I might get that up here in the next couple days.

**Little funny story from last night I asked my mom to watch him while I went to my loft to change out of work clothes and the next thing I know he has gotten pasted the barricade and was on his way up two flights of stairs to get to me and then an hour later while visiting my parents I went to the bathroom and Fizzgig couldn't find me so he ran up the two flights of stairs again looking for me again. So now he can get up the stairs and knows where our 'house' is but going down the stairs is still too scary for him.


Blu said...

What a cute fellow!

Irene said...

Fizzgig is adorable. Looks like he knows how to pose for pictures already.

Rachel S said...

He is darling. What a cute face.

Puppies can be overwhelming. I thought it would be no sweat and then I got one. I had to realize most of the problems were from me not realizing she just didn't know how to navigate this world. Once I looked at it through her eyes, it got a lot easier. Enjoy him!

loretta said...

Oh I remember the puppy days ~ Our Penny was pee-pad trained when we got her too and I wanted her to go outside, it felt like it took forever to get her trained to go outside, I guess overall it was a good 6 or 7 months before she stopped having accidents inside. These days she goes to the door readily and lets us know when she has to go out though.

Your little Fizz is adorable (and has an adorable name to match!) Good luck with the training and I do hope you find some more stitch time soon too.