Saturday, February 26, 2011

Back to the Land of the Living

I'm sorry I've been so quiet for the last couple weeks. I was extremely busy this month with work, trying to get SFS done, puppy training, dentist appts every Saturday, my god son's 2 year birthday party and then I got slapped down with the stomach flu on Wednesday.

I had heard from my best friend that this strain was a doozy and she wasn't kidding I have never felt that sick before in as far back as I can remember. I won't go into the details but it was not pretty, in total I went to work only 2 days last week. I hardly ever take a sick day and usually it's only one but there was no way I could even manage to get out of bed let alone get dress and have a 60 mins commute to work feeling like I did. I got zero stitch done and had no desire too. I literally slept for days and it was only late Friday afternoon that I managed to pick a needle up and got some done. I left the house for the first time since Wednesday only because I needed food and Fizzgig had a scheduled grooming appointment. I got the bare essentials and will have to go out tomorrow and do a major shop but hopefully by then I will feel more human.

But while I was sick I did get some craft packages which I haven't really been enjoying since I feel like crap and hopefully in the next couple days I can post pictures of what I received.

Thanks for listening.

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