Thursday, February 3, 2011


LOL, now ladies don't start chanting curses at me but I'm kind of jealous about all the snow people are getting......have you seen spinster stitcher's backyard? I really would like to have some snow with or without a snow day from work. We have had a couple days of really cold weather but all that happened is that we warm up and got rain instead. If I remember correctly we have had ONE DAY of snow or at least with the snow sticking to the ground for more than 24 hours in 2011, other than that it's been raining everyday I swear I should have gills now. With living in a suburb of Vancouver I am used to all the rain but we used to get breaks in the weather every couple of days so we could dry out, we don't seem to be getting those anymore.

Anyway lets talk about stitching since this is a stitching blog LOL. I made a point to take current pictures of my WIP so I could post them here since it's been awhile, so without further ado

Fairy Celebration #3 2008 using Fireworks hand dyed thread by Polstitches

as I mentioned before it is looking kind of weird right now but I'm hoping once the design starts coming together it will look fabulous.

Spring Fairy Spirit by Passione Ricamo

I am so close to being finished that it is killing me that I'm dragging my feet so much on this design, but as discussed in previous posts I have other things on my plate that are stopping me.

Speaking of my distraction I forget to talk about how Fizzgig's first vet visit with me went. Since I have never owned a dog as young as Fizzgig I thought since I had the opportunity to talk to the vet at length I should ask as many questions as I could think of. By the time I was done thinking of questions I had about 18, the vet laughed at me because she knows me so well in regards to my pets. I asked about fizz chewing his back legs so I was given some aloe and oatmeal shampoo to try, I asked about the eating of moss and after the vet stopped laughing at the face I made she explained that it's not exactly a bad thing and he will pass it just fine I should still make an effort to stop his from doing it. My father was taking him out a couple times while I was at work last week and mentioned to me that he seems to be playing with it more than anything else now so it looks like eating it isn't as much fun to him anymore.....thank goodness. I also asked about his baby teeth falling out I've never experienced this before I just assumed that I would never see any of the teeth and that one day I would find empty spaces in his mouth, I was correct, he will swallow them and pass them and there is really nothing I can do about it, but the vet did mention that there might be blood occasionally and not to panic LOL (she knows me so well). By looking him over she figures he will definitely be about 12 pound when he's done growing. We were trying to figure out how tall he will be and we (vet, mom & I) are a little confused by the brussels griffon websites that say brussels will be 7 - 8" tall, if you measure fizz from the middle of his body down to his feet he is 7" tall already and is only 17 weeks so we will just have to wait and see how tall he actually gets, as it is when you see pictures of him his legs are quite long now and I don't see them stopping anytime soon.

So our purpose for the vet visit was for his 3rd puppy shot, while we were there I discussed with the assistance whether he should have another deworming since he likes eating moss, his own poop and I saw him drink out of a mud puddle, it was decided that it can't hurt to have another one and perhaps at neutering have a third one, I also opted for the kennel cough vaccination as the vet assistance says if you take your dog to a groomer, dog park, as well if he lives with another dog that isn't his litter mate (which he will eventually), it's a good idea to get it. I wasn't much help with the shots because puppies move around so much so the vet assistance had to come in and help, she just laughed and said the more hands the better with a puppy, afterwards fizz gave the assistance a kiss for her troubles so no hard feelings from fizz. We decided that he will be neutered at 6 months at which time he will get his rabies shot, his 3rd deworming & then he will be microchiped or tattooed or both, I haven't decided yet. We originally were going to get the rabies shot with his other shots but the vet thought that might be too much for him all at once so we are going to wait on that. On December 30th he was 4 pounds 7 ounces and on January 29th he was 6 pounds 4 ounces not surprising since he is such a good eater.

Today I booked an appointment to get his nail clipped this upcoming Saturday, I should have done it at the last appointment but I forgot. We have the capability to do it at home ourselves (actually dad does it) but since Fizzgig's a puppy dad is not comfortable doing it since he isn't sure how much you should take off in relation to an adult dogs nails, so we are letting the experts do it. All in all he is quite the character and makes me laugh everyday


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