Thursday, February 10, 2011

Scissors & Stitch

I'm so excited!!!!!! Around Christmas times I saw the latest gingham scissors come out called "Ella"  I don't really collect scissors so I've never really paid attention when a new version has come out but let me tell you these scissors are beautiful and I must have them LOL.
I remember one of the blogs I read offering them in their online store but for the life of me I couldn't remember which one it was since I read so many of them and it was Christmas time and I was way to busy to write the information down, I also spend a lot of time looking at blogs through my blackberry so I don't get the full screen affect, but thankfully Kiwi Stitcher mentioned the blog and scissors on her blog with a link, so I jumped on over to Carol's blog and online store and bought myself a pair YAYAYAYA.
I've got to say their services is fabulous. I placed the order right before going to lunch and when I got back I had an email saying my payment had been accepted and that they would be shipped out asap, now that is what I call great service.
On the stitching front I am just smoking through SFS, I have finished her face, hair, arms and wand (regular stitching) and I have also done most of the backstitching there as well. I have now moved on full time to the wings and I'm hoping to be finished them by Sunday, they are a little tricky right now because my hoop isn't positioned right to be able to view the whole section all together so once I finish the bottom section I'm currently working on I will fiddle with the hoop and then there will be no stopping me. LOL.
I took a break from SFS last night because I had a hankering to work on a HAED. Last year I changed my mind on the style in which I wanted to stitch Twelve Days of Christmas, I started out doing 1 over 1 full stitch and I wasn't feeling the love and 2 over 2 was too bulky, but while reading the HAED BB I saw that some people were doing the 2 over 1 using a tent stitch method so I decided to give it a try....I love it!!!!! the coverage is great and I will probably be able to stitch this project faster and considering this HAED is 36 pages every little bit helps. I had to frog the couple thousand stitches I have already put into the design but I was okay with that. I have slowly been putting the stitches back into it and I wanted to add move last night, it doesn't look like much but I was happy with what I was able to put back on.
Tonight I will be back to SFS and some cuddle time with Fizzgig who has decided that my mom's DMC threads are tasty, mom came into the room yesterday to find him standing on her side table with an entire skein of thread in his mouth munching away on it, I couldn't help but laugh when she called to tell me about it but I know I'm going to have to be hard on him to break that bad habit.
Well thanks for listening

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