Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thank God for February

LOL my mojo is coming back, my mojo is coming back. I'm so excited........Yes, you all can say it I amuse easily :)
Where to start hmmmm, I have been slowly working on SFS at home when I have a moment, which has been few and far between because of Fizzgig and other more pressing tasks, but when I do have the time to work on it I have been getting a lot done so I'm happy. I am even taking SFS back on the train so that should help a lot too. I couldn't work on it on the train before because I was working on so much confetti stitching and jumping around that it wasn't manageable on the train, but I'm done that section now so it's onto the wings which can be done on the train.
I am also working on Fairy Celebration #3 from Passione Ricamo which is the freebie fairy that was released in 2008, I have been working on it for 2 weeks but half the time I was reading so really only 1 week of work was done and I ripped some of it out too. I changed my mind about how I wanted the variegated threads to go. I had started out with it going vertically and then changed it to horizontally. It is still looking a little weird but I find that when there are more than 5 colors in a variegated thread that is what happens so I will hold off judgment until I'm finished. I have a multicoloured backing fabric that will hopefully work great when I'm done so that has kind of lessoned my nervousness on it looking weird. I originally was going to make all the fairy celebrations into smelly satchels but I'm still concerned about how to actually make them and having perfume staining on the fabric so I have decided to make them into half pillows instead, you know the kind with part of the backing fabric showing on the front with a nice ribbon separating the two, I don't know if there is a special name for that type of pillow. I have seen these pillows on a couple different blogs and I really like the look of them so I 'm going to give it a go.
I am just itching to start a new stitch project but I know that will just prolong my current agony of trying to finish SFS so I keep telling myself no, no, no, no. It also doesn't help that I signed up for Greece Mandala from Chatelaine and every time a new piece comes out it reminds me of how much I want to stitch that project RIGHT NOW but since I haven't even finished Egyptian Garden yet there is no way I would allow myself to even contemplate starting Greece.
Well thanks for listening and hopefully sometime in February I will have 1 if not 2 happy dances.

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