Friday, March 25, 2011


I'm seeing if I can post from my blackberry, don't know why I didn't think of this sooner

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I am back

I am sorry it has been so long since my last post. There has been much turmoil in my life regarding my job.....I thought I was going to lose my job, my co-worker was being a complete and utter bitch and I was sick and tired of her picking on me and getting angry about my work ethic but then turning around and doing personal things during work hours herself. I was so sick and tired about it I went over her head and spoke to one of the partners, I did find out there was a bit of a problem and I fixed it. I did make a point of telling the partner that I don't read minds so I didn't know there was a problem and that my co-workers behaviour wasn't appropriate in my opinion. My nerves were absolutely shot because of all the tense but work is finally getting back to normal.

I have barely picked up a needle to stitch because of the stress so I have nothing to show....expect I did finally finish Summer Fairy Spirit but I haven't taken a picture of her yet. I have now moved onto Found by Heaven & Earth but I really haven't made much head wave.

Well I know this is a nonsensical post but I'm just so over the work situation and I just wanted to touch base with everyone who is still reading my blog and telling you I`m still around LOL. I will probably post again this weekend since I will be hanging around home with Fizzgig while he recovers from his neutering which will happen tomorrow.

Thanks for listening

Monday, March 7, 2011

Too Funny, My Bad

Well as you can remember from my post last week I was having issues with co-worker well it took a bit of a turn and even though it looked badly upon me I think it helped me personally in the long run.
So the phone issue came and went and at the end of the day was pretty stupid but unfortunately it started the ball rolling into a big situation, B was bitchy all week and was biting my head off every chance she could. It bothered me so much her attitude that it put me in a grumpy mood and I unfortunately started taking it out on people I work with, namely the lawyers. Since B made me that way with her attitude I couldn't really take it out on her since it would go on deaf ears.
Anyway things came to ahead on Friday when I actually noticed I was biting peoples heads off, namely one of the partners, I knew the moment I snapped at him that I was in the wrong but it was too late to do anything about it. I left work feeling beaten and upset but realized that I needed to let this go and just concentrate on keeping myself in a happy place no matter what happens
So I came to work this morning and she asked if I was okay last week because two of the lawyers made comments about my behaviour, I couldn't very well tell her yes you are my problem I just told her yes I had a bad week and I recognize I was a bitch to the lawyers but I'm over it now and I will try and not let my attitude interfere with my work and that was the end of the conversation and everything is fine now. I do find the situation kind of funny and I don't feel bad about it at all because push come to shove I would have completely laid into her if she got all bitchy at me for biting the partners head off, I just don't have the time or want to feel grumpy like that anymore it is physically draining.
So onwards and upwards for me.
I will post later on with the status of my stitch. I finished all the stitching on Summer Fairy Spirit by Passione Ricamo and I'm on to the beading, as well I am working on Found by Heaven & Earth designs and my system seems to be working for me which is great, I will need to take an updated picture of Found and post it but I must say it doesn't look like I got a lot done but I actually did.
Thanks for listening.

Friday, March 4, 2011

It's a Better Day

Well I have a little bit of backstitching left to do on SFS and then I'm on to beading. YAYAYAYA but I wasn't able to touch the design in about 3 days but I was finally able to put some work into it last night.
I also have been stitching on FC #3 on the train since Monday and it is really coming together but I foresee a problem, I don't think I'm going to have enough thread to finish. I am almost at the bottom of her dress but I still have to stitch her wings, head and bodice and with the amount of thread that is left there definitely won't be enough to cover all of that. I did look over the design and see if there was any section I could sub out the thread for something else and the only thing I can do is change the wand to basic black backstitching and the stitching around the wand to show it glowing will be replaced with yellow kreinik or petite treasure thread (I haven't decided yet) but there really isn't anywhere else I can sub it's a monochromatic type design so there isn't a line on the design to show where the fairy stops and her wings start so I can't even sub the wings with kreinik if I wanted to.
So I have looked on the UK website where this thread came from and I have picked a couple threads to purchase to make an order worth my while so when I get to the point where I can go no further I will place the order and move on to another design. All I can say is if I hadn't make that mistake at the beginning I would have had enough thread!!!!! and lets hope they can find a skein that matches dye lot with what I already have. I'm crossing my fingers that since there are 5 colors in the skein I can make it work by not putting the same colors side by side.
My next design is Found by Lisa Victoria from Heaven and Earth designs, I have had this design as a work in progress for about 2 if not 3 years. It is a quick stitch and is only 6 pages long, I have completed 2 smaller pages so far and my only excuse for what is taking so long it 1) there are a lot of confetti stitches and I haven't mastered how to effectively work on them and 2) I hate the fabric, it is 18 count aida but the holes are huge and there is way to much sizing in the fabric so it is very rough and uncomfortable and no amount of washing is softening the fabric up. I also at times find HAED very daunting and I can't collect my thoughts as to where I should start so I am trying a little bit of a technique that my mom uses where she highlights in one color the area she wants to work on and then highlights in a different color when she has stitched those specific areas. I'm hoping if I highlight the big chunks of color and the occasionally confetti stitching that is the same color and work on it that way I will find the confetti stitching not so annoying, I have also gridded the fabric with a washable pen so that should help me to jump around as well. I am going to work on this design on the train and home until I get to the heavy confetti stitching then I will have to kept it at home when that happens I will start working on another Shepherd's Bush Seasonally Musing design.
Cross my fingers I can be really productive this weekend.
Well thanks for listening

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bugger Off

I am beyond annoyed, for some reason co-worker is acting like a bug crawled up her ass and died there and is basically taking out her frustrations with me or at least I feel like she is.
For the past two days anything I do that slightly steps into her area of expertise she bites my head off and tells me to step back......we have been working this way for 9 years and why all of a sudden I can't do what I'm doing anymore without pissing her off. Prime example when people call and ask for her directly but don't know her direct line I ask what their name is so she knows whether she can keep them on hold a little longer or if she should pick up right away (there is an office supply guy she does this to because he is a chatter) well I did that this morning and she got all bitchy about not needing to ask who it is just transfer it. Last week I didn't ask someone's name and she asked who it was and I couldn't answer her and she got bitchy I hate this flip flop attitude. Yesterday a phone rep guy just shows up out of the blue at the office and wants to talk about our phone system (which is not my area of expertise) so I gave him her card and he was going to email her since he was on the way to another client appointment so I was under the impression he didn't have long to linger, well it just so happens she was at her desk and turns to me quite loudly, 'well I'm right here why don't I talk to him now'........this is the first time she has ever done that usually it's my job to blow them off and if she is interested in talking to them she will call them back but most of the time she ignores them sorry I didn't get your ESP memo and I would appreciate you have some respect and not to bash me in front of a stranger. If you don't like the way I'm handling drop ins and phone calls perhaps you should stop doing personal emails all day and start answering the door and phone yourself. It is almost like she is pissed off at me because I took those days off last week because I was sick. I'm sorry perhaps you would have liked me to come to work where I could then throw-up all over my desk and visit the bathroom every 5 mins cuz let me tell you I wasn't having a pamper me day off last week I was sick.
And the cherry on top of my bitchy day one of our lawyers is out of town and wants to fly home early well she emails me at 1:45 to see if I can change her flight but the only other time that is available is at 3:55 and it's practically sold out and she would have to be at the airport by 2:00 for early check out and I send her the email and she doesn't get back to me until 2:30 to tell me never mind. People I am not a miracle worker.
Deep breath, deep breath day is almost over.