Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bugger Off

I am beyond annoyed, for some reason co-worker is acting like a bug crawled up her ass and died there and is basically taking out her frustrations with me or at least I feel like she is.
For the past two days anything I do that slightly steps into her area of expertise she bites my head off and tells me to step back......we have been working this way for 9 years and why all of a sudden I can't do what I'm doing anymore without pissing her off. Prime example when people call and ask for her directly but don't know her direct line I ask what their name is so she knows whether she can keep them on hold a little longer or if she should pick up right away (there is an office supply guy she does this to because he is a chatter) well I did that this morning and she got all bitchy about not needing to ask who it is just transfer it. Last week I didn't ask someone's name and she asked who it was and I couldn't answer her and she got bitchy I hate this flip flop attitude. Yesterday a phone rep guy just shows up out of the blue at the office and wants to talk about our phone system (which is not my area of expertise) so I gave him her card and he was going to email her since he was on the way to another client appointment so I was under the impression he didn't have long to linger, well it just so happens she was at her desk and turns to me quite loudly, 'well I'm right here why don't I talk to him now'........this is the first time she has ever done that usually it's my job to blow them off and if she is interested in talking to them she will call them back but most of the time she ignores them sorry I didn't get your ESP memo and I would appreciate you have some respect and not to bash me in front of a stranger. If you don't like the way I'm handling drop ins and phone calls perhaps you should stop doing personal emails all day and start answering the door and phone yourself. It is almost like she is pissed off at me because I took those days off last week because I was sick. I'm sorry perhaps you would have liked me to come to work where I could then throw-up all over my desk and visit the bathroom every 5 mins cuz let me tell you I wasn't having a pamper me day off last week I was sick.
And the cherry on top of my bitchy day one of our lawyers is out of town and wants to fly home early well she emails me at 1:45 to see if I can change her flight but the only other time that is available is at 3:55 and it's practically sold out and she would have to be at the airport by 2:00 for early check out and I send her the email and she doesn't get back to me until 2:30 to tell me never mind. People I am not a miracle worker.
Deep breath, deep breath day is almost over.

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Rachel S said...

I am sorry that your coworkers are being like that. I have to say, when I have the one who waivers about having calls transferred, I just dump em to them. I hope tomorrow goes better.