Friday, March 4, 2011

It's a Better Day

Well I have a little bit of backstitching left to do on SFS and then I'm on to beading. YAYAYAYA but I wasn't able to touch the design in about 3 days but I was finally able to put some work into it last night.
I also have been stitching on FC #3 on the train since Monday and it is really coming together but I foresee a problem, I don't think I'm going to have enough thread to finish. I am almost at the bottom of her dress but I still have to stitch her wings, head and bodice and with the amount of thread that is left there definitely won't be enough to cover all of that. I did look over the design and see if there was any section I could sub out the thread for something else and the only thing I can do is change the wand to basic black backstitching and the stitching around the wand to show it glowing will be replaced with yellow kreinik or petite treasure thread (I haven't decided yet) but there really isn't anywhere else I can sub it's a monochromatic type design so there isn't a line on the design to show where the fairy stops and her wings start so I can't even sub the wings with kreinik if I wanted to.
So I have looked on the UK website where this thread came from and I have picked a couple threads to purchase to make an order worth my while so when I get to the point where I can go no further I will place the order and move on to another design. All I can say is if I hadn't make that mistake at the beginning I would have had enough thread!!!!! and lets hope they can find a skein that matches dye lot with what I already have. I'm crossing my fingers that since there are 5 colors in the skein I can make it work by not putting the same colors side by side.
My next design is Found by Lisa Victoria from Heaven and Earth designs, I have had this design as a work in progress for about 2 if not 3 years. It is a quick stitch and is only 6 pages long, I have completed 2 smaller pages so far and my only excuse for what is taking so long it 1) there are a lot of confetti stitches and I haven't mastered how to effectively work on them and 2) I hate the fabric, it is 18 count aida but the holes are huge and there is way to much sizing in the fabric so it is very rough and uncomfortable and no amount of washing is softening the fabric up. I also at times find HAED very daunting and I can't collect my thoughts as to where I should start so I am trying a little bit of a technique that my mom uses where she highlights in one color the area she wants to work on and then highlights in a different color when she has stitched those specific areas. I'm hoping if I highlight the big chunks of color and the occasionally confetti stitching that is the same color and work on it that way I will find the confetti stitching not so annoying, I have also gridded the fabric with a washable pen so that should help me to jump around as well. I am going to work on this design on the train and home until I get to the heavy confetti stitching then I will have to kept it at home when that happens I will start working on another Shepherd's Bush Seasonally Musing design.
Cross my fingers I can be really productive this weekend.
Well thanks for listening

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Jeanne said...

I don't know that I would ever tackle a HAED piece but they are gorgeous, I just don't have enough stitching time to do one. Sounds to me as if you are making good progress with your projects!