Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am stiching I promise

I have been slowly getting back into the groove of stitching and with a long weekend coming up I hope to accomplish much more. I am still working on Quaker Christmas page three.

I will leave with the latest picture of Fizzgig LOL

Thanks for listening.


Jeanne said...

Youre Quaker Christmas is looking lovely Nicole. I have wanted to stitch that for a long time but I already have too many big projecs going! I'm glad work is going slightly better - I know how stress at the job just invades your whole life. Hang in there!

Kit said...

Hi there Nicole - just found your blog by googling 'cross stitch blah' LOL. I'm having a bit of a bummer day myself and it cheered me up finding your blog. I had a rough time at work a few years ago and vented it all into my blog and I'm glad now to find I'm not the only one to do it (although I think I was a bit more... expressive LOL). I also stitch but am currently in a slump, not very inspired with my current one. Ok this is rambly but in essence a 'hi' from down under in Aussie! :)