Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oh, come on

Well I have my mojo back, I'm stitching everyday (almost) but do I have a lot to show for it......NO. Prosperity fairy is very time consuming with all the blends in her dress that I decided to switch it up and move to her wings. I was going to do the outline of the wings in metallic and then decide if I was going to carry on or move over and start working on the bodice section; I want to do it this way because when the bodice was finished that would bring the two sections I was working on together at a mutually joined section so if I made a counting mistake I would find it there, fix it and carry on and not be 3/4 of the way finished a section and then find a mistake... I am strange that way but it works for me.

Anyway I finally got tired of the metallic yesterday and was going to start and hopefully finish the bodice section with perhaps a start on her hair today....but wouldn't you know it I have been hit with a nasty cold and is setting up camp in my sinuses and it is really giving me a hard time today. I have had 2 earaches, a kink in my neck and a headache that has traveled around my head twice so the long and short of it is I think I put in about 15 stitches all day and that's it!!!!! Not impressed, you could say not being able to stitch is a silver lining because chances are I would make major mistakes and have to take it out but I hate feeling as if my Saturday stitch time is wasted time. I hope this is a short lived cold/flu and next week I can show you more of a productive picture.

Here is my status so far:

I cant believe it is almost June and I have been very absent in my blog posting and stitch finishes, hopefully the second half of year is better than the first.

Thanks for listening.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Well, Blogger welcome back

Well as we all know blogger decided to shut down and pissed everyone a couple days ago. I wasn't overly annoyed since I didn't post anything but what I didn't realize is that all the changes I made to my blog on Thursday disappeared.......not happy about that.

Well here is what I came to post about in the first place

This is as far as I got on Quaker Christmas before I decided to put it away, I am now 3/4 finished page 3.

Here is Hive SB finished, once I got into the groove it didn't take me long at all

and here is my current status of Prosperity Fairy by Passione Ricamo, this is one of the ruffle of her skirt but what you probably cant tell is this sections is actually 4 different symbols, it is 310, 815, blend of 310 and PB19 & blend of 814 and PB07, I was a little surprised at how many blends this design has and how little beading there is. I usually can finish PR designs in 3 months but with all these blends it will definitely slow me down especially working on it on the train.

After Prosperity I have to work on Found and finish it as well this year. I have major plans for my stitching next years so I need to get rid of some outstanding WIP. My plan next year is to work on 1 Chatelaine design and 1 HAED (large) at home and work on half a dozen small/medium projects on the train but that means I have to get rid of Found since it is a HAED and I need to make room for a new one, right now the Chatelaine I will work on next year is Egyptian Garden and if I finish it off before the year is over then I will probably start working on Greece. The reason I am doing this is I have quite a few of both HAED and Chatelaine but I have yet to finish any and every time I see other peoples finishes I get so jealous so I have decided to fix that.

Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

HD No.2

Well I finished Hive on Sunday so I have officially finished 2 pictures so far this year, which to be quite honest sound very is almost half way through the year and I have nothing to show for it.

Well enough about my moaning and bitching about the lack of stitching. I decided against doing Love by Shepherds Bush, for some reason I felt the need to keep Love in my back pocket in case I have another case of loss of mojo. So I contemplated really hard on what I would work on, I know I should have started back on Found by HAED I have even left all the threads out so I could just pick it up at a moments notice but since my mojo is barely back I didn`t think something like Found would be such a great idea. So I completely ignored my list for this year and just picked a random picture so drum roll please I have decided to do Prosperity Fairy by Passione Ricamo, I had just recently purchased the last DMC thread needed for the design and my piece of fabric from Silkweaver just arrived so I was really feeling this pattern.

So my goal tomorrow is to upload the pictures in my camera and post some shots of hive, quaker christmas and prosperity.

Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So I have finally got my groove back. I switched out Christmas Quaker because I wasn't feeling it anymore and switched to Shepherd's Bush "Hive", and I'm hoping to be finished it by this weekend I forgot how fast I can get through these patterns. Then I'm thinking of moving on to "Love" and then back to HAED Found.....I haven't decided yet. This is the only problem when I get my mojo back I want to work on all my WIP at the same time. haha

Well that's it for now & maybe next post I will have some pictures of a finish

Thanks for listening