Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oh, come on

Well I have my mojo back, I'm stitching everyday (almost) but do I have a lot to show for it......NO. Prosperity fairy is very time consuming with all the blends in her dress that I decided to switch it up and move to her wings. I was going to do the outline of the wings in metallic and then decide if I was going to carry on or move over and start working on the bodice section; I want to do it this way because when the bodice was finished that would bring the two sections I was working on together at a mutually joined section so if I made a counting mistake I would find it there, fix it and carry on and not be 3/4 of the way finished a section and then find a mistake... I am strange that way but it works for me.

Anyway I finally got tired of the metallic yesterday and was going to start and hopefully finish the bodice section with perhaps a start on her hair today....but wouldn't you know it I have been hit with a nasty cold and is setting up camp in my sinuses and it is really giving me a hard time today. I have had 2 earaches, a kink in my neck and a headache that has traveled around my head twice so the long and short of it is I think I put in about 15 stitches all day and that's it!!!!! Not impressed, you could say not being able to stitch is a silver lining because chances are I would make major mistakes and have to take it out but I hate feeling as if my Saturday stitch time is wasted time. I hope this is a short lived cold/flu and next week I can show you more of a productive picture.

Here is my status so far:

I cant believe it is almost June and I have been very absent in my blog posting and stitch finishes, hopefully the second half of year is better than the first.

Thanks for listening.

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