Saturday, May 14, 2011

Well, Blogger welcome back

Well as we all know blogger decided to shut down and pissed everyone a couple days ago. I wasn't overly annoyed since I didn't post anything but what I didn't realize is that all the changes I made to my blog on Thursday disappeared.......not happy about that.

Well here is what I came to post about in the first place

This is as far as I got on Quaker Christmas before I decided to put it away, I am now 3/4 finished page 3.

Here is Hive SB finished, once I got into the groove it didn't take me long at all

and here is my current status of Prosperity Fairy by Passione Ricamo, this is one of the ruffle of her skirt but what you probably cant tell is this sections is actually 4 different symbols, it is 310, 815, blend of 310 and PB19 & blend of 814 and PB07, I was a little surprised at how many blends this design has and how little beading there is. I usually can finish PR designs in 3 months but with all these blends it will definitely slow me down especially working on it on the train.

After Prosperity I have to work on Found and finish it as well this year. I have major plans for my stitching next years so I need to get rid of some outstanding WIP. My plan next year is to work on 1 Chatelaine design and 1 HAED (large) at home and work on half a dozen small/medium projects on the train but that means I have to get rid of Found since it is a HAED and I need to make room for a new one, right now the Chatelaine I will work on next year is Egyptian Garden and if I finish it off before the year is over then I will probably start working on Greece. The reason I am doing this is I have quite a few of both HAED and Chatelaine but I have yet to finish any and every time I see other peoples finishes I get so jealous so I have decided to fix that.

Thanks for listening.

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mdgtjulie said...

Sounds like a good plan to me. I have one Chat and three HAEDs in progress, and I haven't finished one of either yet!!! I just found your blog and wanted to introduce myself. I'm Julie, from Cincinnati, OH where I live with my lil cat, Yes Dear. I love your PR piece. The red shades are gorgeous!!! Will be eagerly watching you progress on this one!